Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Take the Curves

Taken March 21, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Better night's sleep here; hoping the same for everybody else.

    We got the power back around 7 and since we have the standby generator now, losing power is a lot easier to take.

  2. Morning! Virtual Monday here. I took a sick day yesterday, because it was my turn to have the stomach/intestinal thing. I didn't barf, but thought I might a few times. But the High-Pressure Butt Blaster™ was fully functional.

    If the bike's battery is holding a charge, I will soon be off to the mimes on two wheels.

    Oh, I put up some more of Mason's photography yesterday. His method is "point and spray," but it only costs a few seconds to delete the clunkers. By the time-honored geek technique of Push Buttons Until Something Happens, he found the front-facing camera and took some selfies! ;-)

  3. Spring has sprung a leak and let in summer far, far too early. Supposed to be in the mid-to-upper 80s tomorrow. :(

    Andi, hooray for restored power & generator!

    Larry - hope you're feeling better. Mason is totally adorable.

    Happy Not!Monday, all!

  4. Hey Larry, check out this picture that was taken in the Fiery Furnace section of Arches National Park

  5. Skin Food by Weleda is marvelous for those dry leaves. :) It's one of my favorite selfish products.

    Monday went well. Haven't gone to yoga in a few weeks due to my yogi being out. (He's the only one me and Wayne really connect with there) He's having gall bladder issues. So I'm turning into a brittle arthritis cranky woman. Can barely lift bags up into carts.

    I started compiling a mental list of pet peeves at work. People are just getting more rude. Did I tell you about the "man" who went apers because had to see, gasp, see a disabled man while he was out in public. He said, "people like that should be on leashes or not allowed out in public. I shouldn't have to see people like that when I'm out in public." I had to walk away. I thought I would vom. Farf's high powered butt blaster would have come in handy for that guy.

    My friends, please don't use your phone in any capacity while being helped in the check out line. I just want to slap em out of the person's hand. Usually it makes the time go slower because they are so distracted. 9 times out of 10 the transaction goes wrong because they screw up on the debit/card machine or just realized that they should pay and then start looking for their wallet in their luggage-purse. I have to say that women are the worst in the check out line with unpreparedness. "Oh, I have to pay?"

    The peeve that got me yesterday was so many during the transaction realized they forgot an item or items so they just walked away as if no one else is in line waiting. I had to do so many suspends. I just keep checking/bagging and then I put the bags away and continue with the next person in line so as they don't have to wait. Which forces the runner to wait even longer. Muhahaha.

    But then I also have tons of people who only come through my line. Even if there's big lines, they'll wait. So that's always an ego hummer. :)

    Anyone here will be in Boston area first week of May?

  6. Hi, all. I am glad for power and for sleep. Andi, I am looking into a backup generator as well. After Sandy, I expect that I will be losing power again. Unless of course, I get the generator!

    Janet, I always used to be behind that person who takes forever. When I could still stand on lines, it really got to me because of the aching back.

    But the first week in May - Bethesda (where I hope to meet Nicola!) not Boston.

  7. Whoa, a Cloud Dragon! Nice find, Jim! (Elemental Dragons are: Cave Wyrm, Ice Dragon, Firedrake, Cloud Dragon.)

    The bike battery did its job, although it took me forever to assemble my wardrobe and (at the last minute) remember to put the updated sticker on the plate. I even remembered the work computer.

    Well, lunch is over. Back to the mimes.