Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Still Life with Green

Taken March 29 and 30, 2013.
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  1. A sad morning -- my sympathy to all my friends in Boston (I spent over 20 years working for a company located there).

  2. Very sad day.

    Thanks for the pretty pictures.

  3. I've been trying to not read any more news about it. The breaking news yesterday afternoon triggered 9/11 stuff for me. :(

    Attempting to spend today focused on work.

  4. I'm here, but being fairly quiet. Give me a shout of you need me.

  5. Dreadful thing to happen and it leaves such a legacy of fear;I still find myself little apprehensive about going to London after the decades of IRA bombing we endured. Violence is never the answer, it only triggers more violence.

    Dina, you're a star! I look forward to joining your table, it's really sweet of you. x

  6. All of Wayne's family is accounted for. I can't describe how much pain I saw in his face today. He looked like he aged ten years. Will be flying out there in a few weeks. Numb. Shocked. Angry. All of it. ESPN did a good job of actual reporting the scene. Was about all I could take. Really had to comfort Wesley down a lot yesterday.

    Leaving the tv off. I can't run around pretending it didn't happen. I'm just not wired that way. Maybe it's bad, maybe it's good. I don't know. I'm just kinda prepping myself for the bigotry, the conspiracy theories and the power-fear grab that will surely come.

    I've only been to Boston a few times. But I know those streets. I've walked and shopped them each time we've been back East.

    Spokane just nailed the white supremacist failed bomb attempt for the MLK parade. Sunday two white men were injured in Eastern Oregon when their bombs they were placing near an irrigation reservoir went off.

    Not Saudis, not "foreigners" - angry, white men. Which is what has always unnerved me. Our special brand of "Homegrown" "Sustainable" domestic terrorists.

    Don't know who what or why. But we know what happened because it. So many lives lost, changed forever.

    Shout out to Boston. They fkuced with the wrong city.

  7. Janet, so glad everyone is OK. I have only one relative living there and she is fine.

    I think it is very wise to step back from this for a bit. Too many false reports and rumors circulating.

    And Nicky, so funny - I am a Starr. That's my middle name!