Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring to the Sky

Taken the First Day of Spring, 2013.

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  1. Why, oh, why am I up at 5ish on a Saturday? ::curses weird sleep schedule::

    Happy weekend, all!

  2. and Andi with her language puzzle

    I assumed it was Viking for "wear a condom".

    Wishing you all a fun/relaxing/victorious/plunderful Saturday.

  3. Happy weekend, all.

    Maria, I hope you get to take a nice map. And Jen, I like your translation!

  4. Winterhawks won game one!!!! Even had a natural hat trick. In which the player gets three goals in a row during a game. Few ejections, too. Spokane is Spokant. Game two tonight. We'll be there. Wes is already at work.

    I pulled some weeds in the garden until I got too damn lazy and decided threat of rain was a good excuse, I mean, reason to come in. :P

    I had to leave enough for the kids to yank.


  5. Just got home and have to share:

    Wesley got into the Chiefs minds, brains and their heads. Just by being creative while doing his pre-game job.

    He put out the fliers in the garden to spell, "GO HAWKS!" which in and of itself is pretty impressive. The Spokane Chiefs on their pre-game skate came out, saw him doing his job and some flipped him off. Talk about low class. To which the Winterhawk players gave him a big thumbs up. We heard about it all when we arrived at the arena later.

    Spokant lost. We won. 3 to 0. We just have to win two more to go on to round 3!!!! Yeah, baby!

  6. Woo hoo! Go Wes! Go Winterhawks!