Monday, April 1, 2013

Room With a View

Taken March 15, 2013.
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  1. Morning all. Hope you have a good week ahead.

    I'm feeling hopeful about spring finally making a showing because this weekend we saw our first wildflowers but we've got 3 below freezing nights ahead so that dampens things (including possibly the wildflowers) a little.

  2. The wind on my snout…

    Today, I think I'm going to take the motorcycle to work (if the battery charged up last night). Warm enough w/o rain in the forecast, finally. It doesn't hurt that the starter in my Civic isn't engaging. :-P

    Saturday was a "lay waste to the pines day." Sunday was church and in-laws… too wet after 3 inches of rain to do much else. Tomorrow, Daughter Dearest goes in for gall bladder-yanking. Fortunately, the forecast looks good for taking Mason to the park. :-)

  3. I give up! It's 38 degrees out and it's effing snowing. :/

  4. Morning Andi & Larry.

    How you've been doing Larry, I hope good. Andi I've been using the A/C here. Sometimes you just can't win, we didn't get any snow at all this year. :)

    I've been laid up with a bad cold for the last week so there hasn't been a lot going on with me.

    Hope everyone has a good week in front of them.

    Take care,


  5. Hiya Larry and Whit. Hope your cold gets better soon.

    And on a cheerier note than my last comment -- not only did the snow stop and it got into the 40s but we saw 2 herons and an egret down at the camp lake.

  6. Hey Whit! Sorry about turning off anon comments on my blog, the spammers were hammering me pretty hard. I might enable them again later this month, just to see what happens.