Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reach Out to Spring

Taken April 10, 2013.

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  1. Morning all.

    Jen, I had an aunt who used to throw her shoes -- with unerring accuracy -- at her kids when she was pissed at them. :)

    The next time you come up I65 and we meetup, youi'll need to wear a kilt for me, Larry.

    Sorry about the co-workers, Maria, but I hope the family visit helps compensate.

    I've hear that about showers, Dina. Glad you've got yours done up safely.


  2. OK, Andi, but NO HALTER TOP. And the beard isn't happening through the summer. :-P

    I know what you mean about showers, Dina. Every time I give Mason a bath, I think he's going to smack his head against the spigot when he starts playing too much.

  3. Larry wrap a towel around the faucet. I had to do that. Actually, I used an oven mitt.

    I go in for my eye appt on Saturday. Not sure how long it will be afterwards that I get my glasses. But man does my head hurt off and on. I'm a reader so this is just bumming me out.

    I requested 4 long weekends (Thur - Sun) 2 end of May and 2 in June to spend time with family while camping. I'm figuring Beach, Desert, Mountain and Rain Forest camping. My boss gave me all the days off. :)

    For the weather watchers: Portland is beautiful, sunny and in the 70s today.

  4. Hi, all. It was a beautiful thing to take a shower and have something to hold on to when I felt off balance. Longest shower I have taken in ages!

    Janet, one reason I switched to reading mostly ebooks was font size. I remember one author that I had to stop reading (and I really liked her books) because the font size in the printed copy was so damn small. I do miss hardcopy books but between reading and not reading, the ebook works for me!

    And if there are kilts, there must be pictures. Just saying.

  5. Just had an amazing smoothie that is also very healthy. I've been not eating after 7pm for one week. (Snoopy dance of joy - here) I'm thinking that it's not WHAT I eat but WHEN. My schedule doesn't allow for normal dining routine. But the fam is supporting me by eating before I get home on my long nights. Just been eating smoothies for breakfasts, Lara bars for snackage and a BIG lunch at work. Yesterday I had Blackened salmon on rice with avocados.

    Smoothies, before, were too rich and high and calories, if I had a meal at 8pm. But not anymore. So I broke out the old vitamix machine I've had forever. And have been back to making smoothies. Kids and Wayne like some of them. Wesley and I like this one that is healthy but delish.

    Two drinks:
    2 - 3 bananas
    2 cups of frozen or fresh strawberries
    2/3 cup raw, scrubbed and diced BEET (yes, don't freak out)
    2 cups milk - I used almond milk
    2 Tbsps ground flax seeds (a must for health)
    Pulverize it and put a pretty straw in it and suck it up. Yum!

    Next time I'm going to use half strawberries and half frozen peaches.

    My normal one is bananas, peanut butter, blackberries, coconut milk yogurt, almond milk and flax seeds. I call it the peanut butter and jelly smoothie. :)

    Soon I will try the juicer types. Greenies. But I'm not quite "there" yet. :)