Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Green As You Find It

Taken March 12, 2013.

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  1. Morning all.

    Hoping to much more green than like this soon and that the next 2 nights of below freezing temps don't slow things down.

  2. Morning!

    Andi I hope showing green this early won't jinx your spring. The weather god might decide to give you 3 or 4 more week of snow. :)

    Larry don't worry about the comments. I'd much rather not have a ton of spam than a few comments.

    I've been up all night coughing, so I think I'll give trying to sleep another shot. There are some advantages to being retired - you don't have to call in a sick day. ;)

    Take care,


  3. [GRUMPUS]

    In the Land of Jen, the weather is presently unavailable due to the giant toxic cloud of Scalialitorobertsjerkassery from last week. Also, due to medication-induced shape changes, the Land of Jen is once again bereft of decent jeans that fit the entire bootie without creating a platter of muffin-top.


    Hopefully the rest of you are more secure in both your civil rights and a well-covered caboose. :) Good day to everyone.

  4. Morning all! In the last few minutes of "quiet before Mason wakes up" time. Daughter Dearest has gone in for the gall bladder-yanking, although they had to come back to get a folder. I was somewhat surprised that they didn't tell me to wake up Mason & bring it to them.

    Jen, I have a feeling the jerkassery is going to be only that, jerkassery. My gut tells me the good guys will win 6-3 on this one. As for the other, I don't mind a muffin top… or you could always go around pantless today. That works. /perv

    Off to… whatever. Mason won't be asleep much longer. ;-)

  5. Hi, all. Still very cold here though we are due to hit 50 later in the week.

    Happy April. Sigh.

  6. Very best wishes for a skillful surgeon and quick recovery for DD!

  7. Damnit GallbladderApril 2, 2013 at 6:12 PM

    I prefer cupcakes over muffins. Jus sayin' :)

    Hey there Whit!!!

    At home because I had to go in to docs again over shortness of breath. It's actually getting worse. He now seems to think it's heart related but didn't check out my sore throat. I'm so done with all of this. I'll go to the heart stress referral but I'm shopping for a new doctor...

    Vertigo and now this .... I want solutions.

    Oh and never eat too many rainbow colored cupcakes. Kids told me it turned their poop green. Which, oddly, my evil side found kinda funny. :)

    DD can be in the Gals without Galls club. I'm not just the president...