Thursday, April 18, 2013

Feathers Apart

Taken April 2, 2013.
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  1. Much better sleep here as there were no storms overnight, though more are due today. We had a lot of rain -- the lake at the camp flooded over their road which is only the second time we've seen that happen in the 34 years we've lived here.

    Hope everybody has a grump-less day.

  2. Morning! We had storms, but very mild ones. But to the DSL, there's no such thing as a mild storm. Good morning dead connection. Fortunately, I can use my phone to check morning stuff. What would really be cool is if I could mirror the phone's display on the AppleTV. :D

    That fertilizer factory explosion in Texas is pretty horrid, but it sounds more like an industrial accident. I will refrain from my usual comments about Texas and fertilizer, though.

    Waiting for the wife to get back before I run for the mimes this morning.

  3. Morning, gang. ::yawns::

    Working @ the mimes from home today as I wait for the maintenance/HVAC crew to come demolish my drywall so they can upgrade the pipes. Whee?

    Muggy and cooler here today but pollen is reaching those OMG numbers - aka, another spring, another round of allergies.

    Wishing everyone a great Thursday!

  4. Hi, all. Not a bad day here.

    Just love the photos today! My kind of place.

  5. I'll be wearing my Bruins gear for the Friday game here in Portland.

    Hockey tribute video. Sometimes, hockey is all I have to fall back on.

  6. Magnificent woods.Is that a heron? I'm not good on birds apart from the ones we get in the garden, though we do have a buzzard nesting in the woods nearby and I'm not keen to encourage him. Caught him watching the robins and bluetits very thoughtfully one day, obviously seeing them as fast food!
    Nice bit of news today, my first novel, Scuba Dancing, reissued as a Kindle book, featured on today's list of recommendations to customers - so if anyone fancies reading a book described as 'packed with eccentric characters' (who are mostly - er - mature)getting up to no good and having a lot of fun while doing so, it's now available. Warning - it's a bit naughty!

  7. I LOVE naughty!!! Congrats Nicola!