Friday, April 19, 2013

Ever Greening

Taken April 6, 2013.

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  1. Good morning here -- we were supposed to have a noisy night again but instead we just got the rain and no thunder/lightning.

    Nicky, the grey bird is a heron and the white one is an egret.

  2. Hey, congrats Nicky!

    It's supposed to rain all day here. Good day to go into work, I guess. :-P

  3. Hi, all. Hope everyone is doing well.

  4. Our neighbor drove up to us while we were outside to tell us he's "packing 24/7" now in case any "Muslim tries any shit in Portland". Had a gun under his coat on his truck seat.

    Terrified that my neighbor is running around with a gun next door.

    Insane. Last thing we need is some old fart with a gun next door.

  5. I've requested Scuba Dancing from B&N for my E-Book. I don't really like my old Kindle now. Not since NookColor. :) However, I still spend a buttload at Powells.

    Getting ready to do a buttload of selling at Powells. Tons of my Mom's old books all in EXCELLENT condition, too. I'm going to trade them in for in-store credit. aka tons of gift cards for moi. And maybe for some kidlets who actually do the chores we request in a timely manner.

    Off to a hockey game tonight. Will be wearing our Bruins gear.

  6. Thanks, Janet,that's lovely of you; it's probably a good antidote to all the violence around!
    Hope everything calms down soon, thoughts and prayers with all the wounded and bereaved.