Thursday, April 4, 2013

Crowd Sourced

Taken March 16, 2013.

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  1. Good morning, folks.

    Jen, judging by my photos over the last several years, things should be getting pretty and green around the last week in April.

  2. YAY! Good day to everyone.

  3. Morning! Rain means I won't wish I was playing outside instead of working.

    Daughter Dearest is doing better, but she's still not quite up to climbing the stairs to get to bed. Still snoozin' in the recliner, in other words. I heard the wife tell her this morning that she needs to start walking around some.

    Extended forecast looks like Happy Dance weather… I have *got* to get that motorcycle battery charged. ;-)

  4. Nice fungi!

    Serendity? - crowdsourcing seems to be the word of the day. My boss just blogged about it and here Andi is with a blog post with that for a title.

    In other news: spring is still in hiding but rumor has it she'll be popping in for an extended visit come Sunday or Monday. Her special friend Pollen has already arrived.

    I've been busy @ the mimes with documentation and just trying to manage each day as it comes. Watching Vikings (History Channel) - really awesome show. I'm not uber scholarly about that time period/locale, but it's not annoyingly inaccurate and there's a fabulous character who is a shieldmaiden (Lagertha, wife of Ragnar Lothbrook). The main characters are based on historical figures, which is cool. Now I'm dying to get my hands on actual fact books/sources.

    I've always been enthralled by Viking sagas, thanks to my late father who used to tell us stories over dinner. He was a huge history buff and a true bard. He's how I learnt about Thor, Loki, Odin and the rest.

    How are y'all doing?

  5. Vikings YES YES. Ragnar & Lagertha need to be advised that if the priest continues to refuse their kind invitation, they should email me. ;)

    And Floki, what a fabulous character! "So tell us then, how do you think it [the world] was made, Priest?" The look on the priest's face, as you could see his character thinking, "Shit, all I have is Genesis," was priceless, lol.

    My dad drank like a Viking, but that's about where that starts and stops.

  6. if the priest continues to refuse their kind invitation, they should email me - YES!

    Also, yes, Floki is truly awesome. Love that he is played by a real Viking type - Gustaf Skarsgård (brother to Alexander and son of Stellan). I'm partial to Trickster/Fool archetypes.

  7. Jen and Maria, you might enjoy this interview on WBUR's "On Point" show. It was from back in November. Tom Ashbrook interviews the author of a then new book about Snorri Sturluson and the Viking sagas he wrote down in the 12th century.

  8. Hi, all. Very tired so just a drive by hi.

  9. I was wondering who the Skarsgård was, but didn't recognize him and hadn't yet looked it up. Fantastic actors, all.

    Jim, thanks for the link, that sounds like a great book, will have to acquire it.

  10. I'm very upset today as an NHL fan. Raffi Torres the biggest POS ever to play hockey just got traded to the Sharks... my team. Let me just say that I HATE Torres almost as much as I hate Rapepublicans. It's bad. He's a diry repeat offender who tries to hurt and end people's careers.

    But some of my friends, people I call family, are saying it's like Vick with the Eagles... he's OUR ahole now.

    No. I have ethics.

    But to not follow the Sharks means to lose touch with many I call family. I'm deeply saddened. I know it might sound stupid to non-sports fans, but hockey... it's huge in our home. Huge in our hearts.

    At least we have the Winterhawks :) My best friend is just as sickened by this trade. She lives in San Jose and is a long time season ticket holder. She says she feels hate for her team now. Players like is what has turned the sport into MMA on ice. Hockey is not violent, barbaric and brutal... it's about exceptional talent, speed and skill. It's also emotional and some do snap and leave their legs or hit with their elbows... break a rule. But this guy is a repeat offender. Just look up Marian Hossa leaving game on stretcher. 21 game suspension... one of many suspensions.

    Brother is coming over today to get his crap. he's bringing my estranged father and his truck. So I gotta get out of here.

    Love to all. Portland is rainy today. But it keeps us green and beautiful :)