Saturday, March 23, 2013

Winter Throws Me A Curve

Taken March 5 & 6, 2013.
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  1. Morning all.

    3-6 inches of snow in the forecast for tonight through Monday.

    ::puts Pollyanna disguise:: Looks like I'll have another great opportunity to take some pictures for Dina.

  2. Pretty pics, yes, but winter can go away now.

    Scans went uber quickly - thank goodness for modern tech. It's crazy, but I really really like the folks at the Virginia Hospital Center. Everyone I've ever dealt with there is kind, cheery and ever so helpful.

    The rest of this weekend will be an exercise in utter slothness.

    Hope everyone is staying warm!

  3. Larry, the line forms near the garage door and is presently at about a four-to-five-tshirt-wait; brunch will be served at eleven, hors d'oeuvres at six, and I thank you kindly for your service. ;)

    Oh, the weather outside is frightful
    but the blog is so delightful
    I've got a zillion places to go
    Fuck the snow, fuck the snow, fuck the snow

  4. But Andi, I'm just not FEELING it! (Hm, maybe that's what I'm missing…)

    Maria, good to hear the scan went fast, and we got our fingers crossed for good results here.

    Jen, as long as I have an outlet for my gadgetry, I'm there! :-D Love the lyrics, too.

    Our chance of snow didn't materialize. Not even rain. Oh, we're getting rain now. And all weekend. We have another slight chance of snow Monday. After getting a late start, Long November just doesn't want to let go this year.

    I did get a touch of whatever the kids had the last couple days, plus a headache, but it didn't hit me as hard down below. I felt somewhat nauseated around 2pm and decided to leave rather than to infest the office with it. So I laid down for an hour, and that helped. I got up and wrote an amazing (for me) 3500 words. That #FridayFlash up on the blawg is now complete. The Sally character was tough—I had to balance her strong personality against the mores of the period, and I'm sure the latter will rub some the wrong way. Re-imagining pulp-era fiction is always going to be a challenge in that regard. But, these two will likely give me more stories down the road.

    I hope everyone gets to have a great weekend, with or without snow.

  5. FYI if you use Feedly in Firefox, the arrow in the upper right corner does not take you to the next RSS, it takes you to "Today". Which is really annoying - it feels like a bait and switch. I don't like Feedly on my PC but I do like the mobile and iPad versions. But of course I like Reeder for mobile and iPad and what I really need is something for my PC.

    The biggest problem with the coming snow is that I have a pedicure appointment tomorrow and don't want to trudge through snow in my flip flops :(

  6. For you writers thinking about the ways of words.

  7. Well they've changed the forecast -- now there's a chance of 5-11 inches. :(

  8. Mary, I like Feedly a lot better with Chrome. And Andi, if you use j you get the next article in a feed which is what I was looking for.

    With these shortcuts I find I don't miss Google Reader as much.

    Maria, so happy the scans were at least quick. Let's hope for good results! And Larry, feel better.

    Everyone stay warm!

  9. Well the snow has finally driven me right round the bend. Here's what I did with my wife's spring break week: and 230 foot long dragon snow sculpture in Neil's backyard. Why? Because it wasn't there…

  10. Kelly that dragon is amazing. I am so impressed. Thanks so much for the link to the photos and especially the video which was great fun to watch.

  11. Dina, I use the mosaic layout so I don't need to do anything to get to the next article except scroll. But thanks for the info as it will be helpful if I change to a more spread out format.