Monday, March 25, 2013

We Were Framed!

Taken March 9, 2013.

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  1. A snowy morning to you all ... but not too snowy. We escaped the heaviest of the snow and have about 3 inches now and might pick up another inch or so.

    Hope everybody checks out Kelly's links in the weekend post -- definitely not too be missed.

  2. Snow - yup, we gots it. Don't want it. We got about an inch so far, expecting at least another by noon - not a great deal but in this neck of the woods, we don't deal well with it.

    Waiting for email from the boss lady to see if we can mime from home today. Sad for the kiddies who are on spring break this week.

    I'm SERIOUSLY ready for real spring. Flowers, sunshine...please?


  4. Hellooooo Monday! Or is that Hell-ooooo Monday!?

    Here, we got wind. Lots of wind. Make the house creak wind. I'd rather stay home, but I'll shortly dress and raise the sail to whisk me to the mimes.

    As part of my ongoing experiments, I chucked an anthology up on Amazon last night. I'm doing a sort-of stealth giveaway, though, so my non-Kindle friends will have something to read in the snow. Grab your format of choice while the grabbing's good: EPUB or MOBI. At the end of the month, I'm going to pull them and put it in KDP Select, so grab quickly.

  5. So, no pre-approved work-from-home snow day today - bummer. I had to clear off Phil and get him in driving shape. Really tough to do when none of the parking area has been cleared, plus, walking with cane. Sigh.

    Made it in to the mimes, though.

    Thanks for the freebie, Larry!! :)

  6. Kelly, that dragon is amazing! Very impressed.

    No snow yet but it is supposed to come. Maybe rain though. Here's hoping.

    Larry, I am downloading the anthology now. Thanks.

    Maria, too bad about work but at least you got there.

  7. :-D That's just how we roll here in the Barony of Madcap in the Land of Hijinks. Blogged about it here: Gotta go snowshoe with giant invisible dog now, but will try to stop back later. Cheers!

  8. Blimey, that's some dragon! Best I've ever done is make mermaids on the beach.
    Freezing and grey and nasty here, hope the weather warms up for all of us when I go to Malice in May!

  9. Kelly, I am highly impressed with the snow dragon. Totally, FTW!!!

    Weather this evening resembles Cambridge, according to a pal of mine: cold, chilly and now rainy. This morning's snow has vanished.