Friday, March 15, 2013

Ways of Meandering

Taken February 23 & 28, 2013.
Click images to see larger versions


  1. Morning all. I'm really disappointed in March -- we're having a bit of local cooling and I don't want lingering winter; I want arriving spring. We keep having below freezing temps at night. At this rate the daffs will never bloom.

  2. Andi, I feel for you but I do love your winter pictures!

    Here's hoping spring comes soon for us all.

  3. Weird winters = daffy-dills.

    Yes, I know there's something naughtier I could change it to - but I decided to bee PG. :)

  4. Dina, I guess you'll be happy then to know you will definitely be seeing some more winter pictures. I kind of hate to admit it but the last snow storm was really pretty and I got a bunch of good photos.

    Talk about weird -- a PG Janet?!?

    Got some good news -- Whit (aka Family Man) is back on the internet but for some reason he can't seem to post here. He send his hellos to everyone.

  5. Hi!

    I think spring may have made it to Planet Georgia. It should be working its way north now.

    FM is welcome to leave comments or guest posts at my place! I'm going to post a Mason pic or two this weekend.

  6. Pretty cool pics, Andi. Waves to all.