Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Way to the Egress

Taken February 22, 2013.

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  1. So today's picture unfortunately turns out to be right in line with today as it snowed overnight but it doesn't bother too much since it will be in the 40s tomorrow and the 50s on Friday. But I'm sure the daffs won't find this an encouragement to flowering. Mean ole weather gods.

  2. Buncha bullheaded mules up in here. ;) I knew I liked you people. Thanks for the sympathy, Kelly.

    Janet, I hope your doctor's visit goes well and that they listen to you.

    Fwiw, I'm stubborn but not past the point of ridiculousness. My shoulder injury is only like 3 weeks old so I'm irritated but not worried. If it gets to anything like 8-12 weeks without a considerable amount of improvement, I will go bother the doctors as much as they bother me, at the ER if necessary. I have some money, some connections, and I can be a very pushy broad, so if/when I need treatment, odds are good I'll get whatever I demand.

    The fury I've been feeling about the whole thing isn't so much personal. It's because they're not even asking me what's wrong before they're saying no to appointments, and I know that other people with Medicare or Medicaid have graver maladies than mine, along with fewer resources. What's making me see red is that these jerkass doctors are elevating their ideology over their patients' health, putting people's lives at risk for profit. If they cared even a little bit about anything besides money, they'd instruct their staff to ask what was wrong and at least attempt to make referrals and ensure that patients with potentially serious symptoms got to the hospital.

    Andi, we got a little bit of snow here last night, too, but nothing like last week, which was so pretty:


  3. Lovely pics all around!

    However...I'd like to egress my way right *out* of winter, please.

    Yesterday was a breath of fresh spring - loads of rain in the a.m., clearing up to 62 degrees in the afternoon. This morning: a different tale. No snow, but it's chilly as all get out.

    Emergency eye doc visit yesterday afternoon confirmed what I'd feared - my iritis (eye inflammation) has flared up again. I'm bummed. That means back on the expensive eyedrops and a series of follow up visits to the doc. kaching! It's utterly necessary, as I have early stage glaucoma, but it's annoying.

    Jen, yeah, I get that about docs & money. I've lucked out with my regular docs & eye doc, but searching for rheumatologist has been an exercise in frustration. So many specialists (and even primaries) these days are going to the "executive" plans only - meaning that for a hefty retainer fee, you are on a VIP service. Thing is, not a person I know can afford that type of plan. Bah. It's all about the benjamins.

    On that sour note, I'll go back to working on reports and squinting.

  4. America's healthcare system is a cruel joke. Teabaggers will tell you we're "Nummer Won" but we aren't even close.

    It's like when you try to talk about the homeless situation in our country and a people counter with, "America has the best houses!". Yeah, if you can afford one. We have more empty homes than we do homeless people. Sad.

    I'm just disgusted by the jars and tins by coffee counters for various ill citizens, usually children, who have some horrible disease. This is America, we shouldn't have to have bake sales or bracelet sales to combat their illness. Or lose their home. Their job. It's really a crime in this country what we are settling for. We're like peasants in this regard. The one thing is - once it happens to YOU or YOUR child, it wakes you up to all that is screwed up. Watch your child waste away on the couch while on insurance... and you'll never assume the typical Patriot position again (which is the beloved head up one's own backside).

    OMG Maria, sorry about your peepers. Hot and then cold here, too.

    Happy Hump Day.

  5. Here's to health all around. I have given up most regular exams because of cost. Such is life.