Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tall Stories

Taken February 16 and 17, 2013.
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  1. Good morning all. Hope all those who were in the way of this nasty winter storm got through it okay.

  2. Our backyard is presently GORGEOUS with snowscape.

    Good day to everyone.

  3. I got...nothing - Snowquester turned into fauxquester in the DC & surrounding urban areas - snow/slush/rain/then nada. Sunny and warming up today. OTOH, nearby area 'burbs were slammed.

    Off to the mimes in a bit.

    I am sooo ready for spring!

  4. I was surprised to see 3/4" of snow on the ground yesterday (almost wrote "snot" there… that woulda been the Mother of All Loogies). The Boy was telling me that his local (to me) friends were all angsty on FB over the snow, and he had to give 'em a little perspective. He sent me a guitar instrumental his band recorded, and it sounded pretty good.

    Hugs to the disaffected, the disenchanted, and those who feel disenfranchised. Living in a far-right sector of a far-right planet, I know how much worse it could be. If only… if only the Left hadn't declared victory and gone home after we got out of Vietnam & Nixon resigned. The lunatic fringe didn't.

    Kind of hard to feel down right now, as a friend showed me an email she got from Amazon: The book got an Nth wind (I've lost count) yesterday, maybe partly due to this email, and is back on several bestseller lists.

    Hope the rest of the day (for all of us!) goes as well as it started for me.

  5. Some snowflakes in the air this morning but they are now saying that the real snow will come tomorrow. I just want it to be over with already.

  6. Mother-in-law had to stay with her son due to the blizzard Back East. Cremation ceremony is set for today in Danvers, Ma (Old Salem Village) Not sure if the snow impacted anything yet other than travel for many relatives back there.

    Wayne's brother is starting to say he'd like to come out here for some R&R but also to find a job, a clean break. Mental and physical reasons. I think helping his brother get back on his feet again will be so good for Wayne.

    Heavy heart today. Wayne asked if I'd make his favorite blueberry oatmeal cookies (without the white chocolate chips) today. So in my best Mrs. Rob Petri voice I said, "oh oh alright". :)

    Farfaroni, I have a brand new place to take you when you get here again. First place - our home. Show you the nicer side of B-ton. Then on to a new Thai restaurant that is awesome and then to my store for some dessert. xoxo!

    Everyone else, stay safe and warm. Here it's blue sky and about 50. I might go pull some weeds. The tulip and muscari bulbs me and DanDan "buried" last October are coming up!!!! Yee haw! (ok, I don't really make that sound or anything like it but it's was fun to type.)

  7. Woohoo, Janet! They haven't said anything about sending me out west, but I'll let you know when they do! Our weather's about the same today. Supposed to be low to mid-60s for the weekend, which is going to be sooooooo nice (as long as the wife/in-laws don't ruin it).

    I just deleted a long (and getting longer) rant about some stuff going in in publishing. I'll post it on my blog this weekend, after I've had some time to reflect.