Friday, March 22, 2013

Snow It Begins

Taken March 5, 2013. More from March 6 & 7 to follow.

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  1. Morning all. To celebrate the arrival of spring, the weather gods had it snow yesterday and are graciously giving us a chance of snow on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Pardon me while I go sit in the corner and mope.

    The only upside is that snow has more photo ops than the brown and gray of late winter/early spring.

    Anyway, happy almost weekend.

  2. ::pulls up own pants proudly::

    Andi, I'm sorry about the snow but it's good that you're not sarcastic about it or anything, as nature abhors a smartass who won't vacuum. Or something like that. I don't know, I could never grasp enough math to take physics. Whenever spring finally shows the hell up we should get together and go to the arboretum to take some pictures.

    Maria, I hope your scans come out pretty! More importantly, pretty instructive. Medical care has probably never been much fun but these days holy moly.

    Janet, no, I still cannot operate a t-shirt or a bra properly but fortunately I've had a lot of practice taking those items off at unusual angles so it's all good in the hood. ;p

    Wishing everyone a good day and an even better weekend.

  3. Whenever spring finally shows the hell up we should get together and go to the arboretum to take some pictures.

    It's a date! (Now we just need the weather gods to send a save-the-date postcard.)

  4. Drive-by! Up late, sitting around even later…

    But just because I'm in danger of losing my perv card: if any of you ladies need help removing a t-shirt or bra, I'm glad to help… :-P

  5. Hi, all. No snow here --- yet. It is in the prediction but I am hoping they are wrong.

    Question for anyone using Feedly (which I am currently playing with!) Stupid but I can't seem to find a convenient button to go to the next item in a feed. Does anyone else see it?

    Kudos to all of us pulling on our own pants.

  6. A bit more searching and I found the answer. If you hit ? while on Feedly it gives shortcuts including n to go to next and p to go to previous. Hard to find but good to know.

  7. We have a Winter Storm Watch in our forecast for Sunday through Monday. I hope your forecasts are better. Since our weather seems to head for Ottawa this year, Candis you'd better get to the grocery and stock up.

  8. They are predicting up to 8 inches of snow for us this weekend. Holy accumulation Batman! They'll probably be wrong, but still ...

  9. That's not very pervy, Larry. I know you can do better. ;)

    Dina, I'm using Feedly in Chrome and there's an arrow on the upper right hand side of the page which takes me to the next RSS feed when I click it.

    Mary, they're talking about as much 6 inches here and as much as 9 inches up in Indy. I am not looking forward to it.