Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making Advances

Taken February 17 & 20, 2013.
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  1. Jen is more stubborn than my husband

    If one surveyed my closest relations, my stubborn streak would probably be the reason they'd unanimously agree to put me on the one-way spaceship to Alpha Centauri. ;p Admittedly, it's not my best character trait, but it has saved my life a number of times.

    Jim, that sounds like good advice. Maybe the friendly nurse, who has done a stint with the orthopedic docs, can hook me up with some PT exercises. Thanks to all for the good wishes and sympathies.

    Wishing you all a pain free day and an extra hour's worth of sleep. :)

  2. It is morning. Big rain today with coastal flood warnings all around. At least it is supposed to stop by afternoon, when I have to drive over to my eye doc's.

    Jen, you may want to check out YouTube for various PT exercises, too. I found some awesome chair yoga videos that help me.

  3. (((Jen)))) My stubborn streak saved me a few times, too. I swear, we're twins of different mothers. Or at least the same alien beings. :)

    I hope you find some help. Shoulder pain just doesn't go away. I got to the point I couldn't lift my arm up straight. Turns out it's not even my shoulder. Collarbone stress fractures and arthritis in my core. Had me doing PT for a year with little relief until I got stubborn enough and insisted they do an x-ray. It's all near my heart. So... today I'm calling for a check up as things haven't been ticking right, always short of breath lately. So promised kids and Wayne I'd call doc. I really don't want to... but... my family is just as stubborn. :)

    My late shift plus a meeting in the city. Ugh.

  4. Likewise hugs (((Jen))). I have been called stubborn from time to time as well, but I prefer pigheaded or bloody-minded as they distill the levels a bit better. Hope yours carries you through to best outcomes.