Friday, March 29, 2013

Make Way

Taken March 9, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Happy already weekend to Maria and Janet. Happy almost weekend to everybody else.

  2. Mmm, weekend! Plus, warmer weather.

    Off for my pulmonary function tests which basically means I breathe into a machine while it calculates whether or not enough oxygen is getting to my bloodstream properly. This is a regular/normal check-up exam.

    Am glad this past week is over!

  3. Zing!

    Got outside for about 10 minutes yesterday, was chased inside by the breeze.

    Wife is sick, and Daughter Dearest has gall bladder surgery on Tuesday. It's going to be a very Mason weekend for me, I think.

  4. Good luck at the doctor's, Maria.

    Larry, best wishes for a quick recovery to both your wife and DD.

  5. What Andi said! Insomnia fairy visited last night so too tired to really type.

  6. No insomnia fairy, but exhausted anyway. Drove into the big city for my writers groups night with special guest Jane Yolen, got home late, and went to bed even later. Lovely time. Her son Adam is a member.

  7. You must have been flat on the ground to get that shot, Andi. ;-)