Thursday, March 21, 2013

Long Way to Go

Taken March 4, 2013.

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  1. Bah humbug spring. It's 18 degrees. :(

  2. It's snowing here. But on the upside my shoulder has improved enough such that I can now put on my own seat belt and pull up my own draws, just like a big girl.

    Hope everyone has a good day, no tummy flu, no crap-couches, etc.

  3. Yay for the improved shoulder!

  4. We've got possible snow tonight and tomorrow morning, but the chances are low and it's supposed to change over to rain by noon. Last year's March was unusually warm, more like April. This year, it feels more like part of Long November.

    I think today's going to be a pretty slack work day. I finished cranking feechurrs into a manual I'm working on, and tagged them with the versions they actually work in. So I'll just knock out a copy & send it to the devvies. So more coffee, breakfast, and I should be good to go. Now if it would only WARM UP so I could sit outside…

  5. Spring, what's that? Cold as heck & snow flurries this a.m. BAH.

    Jen, great news on the shoulder!

    Still struggling w/lingering pneumonia/possible flare up of autoimmune. CAT scan tomorrow. BAH again.

    Keep warm, all!

  6. Spring Sprang here. We had torrential rain, then sun, then hail. Wesley said it was a horrible walk from the bus stop to the house. In 10 minutes he had 4 "weathers". :) But today it's really sunny out. Cats are Land Ottering in all the sunny carpet/floor patches. But who knows, we could end up with a typhoon, twistah or hail. I dunno. It's that funky Marintime Northwest Weather. And I love it :)

    Playoff Hockey for our boys has started. Been busy busy busy. But this virus still is with me. Exhausting stuff.

    I got a review last Thur and it was one of my best. I ended up with high ranks and what amounts to $100 a paycheck raise. Suhweet!

    Jen, but can you take off your own clingy t-shirt? I still have probs at the end of the week with that one. :) I wish I could help ya.. with your shoulder - not with taking off your shirt. However I would help you with that if needed because I'm your gal. Er I mean Sistah. Or whatevah. :)

    Maria, we've got some with that stuff at work. This virus is weird that I have - it's just makes me out of breath and so tired. Glad that I know it's not my heart. Take care Vampire Lady :)