Saturday, March 16, 2013

Laker Cake

Taken March 1, 2013.

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  1. Morning all.

    ::waves back at Boran2::

    ::pouts at Larry for already having spring::

  2. Well, it's still not quite warm enough to take the coffee & laptop outside in the mornings. :-P

    My quiet time this morning was short-lived, I barely had time to make coffee and sit down before Mason & the wife woke up. Oh well.

  3. I saw this one yesterday. It's the furthest along.

  4. Jim, I saw your slides via that link. Wow! I'm showing the below to Wayne as it's what we need in our living room.

    Great hockey game last night. Scrappy, fun and lots of interaction. Kinda reminded me of the movie Slap Shots. We taunted their goon till he absolutely lost his mind. He got evicted as did 3 other players. Our guy got a hattie. It was just pure fun. 8-4 against our rival Seattle.

    I went to the docs yesterday. Kinda scary at first. They did an EKG and found that my heart is fine - whew. Then did asthma test, no go. I'm having shortness of breat - severe. No real coughing. But when I do, it sounds like a baby harp seal being clubbed. They think it's a virus. Don't want to instantly do x-rays so I'm just standing Pat (Hi Pat) till next week. If I'm the same or worse, then they'll do gamma ray me and have a closer look.

    Main concerns if it's not a virus: arthritis near my heart/lung. possibly obstruction. But mostly think it's this annoying virus that is hitting people. Kinda like a walking pneumonia.... and the boogy woogie flu - without the flu part.

    Hey Boran2!!

    As to Spring. It's Sprung here. Changed the Suet over from Super Winter Feed to a more seedy suet. I need to plant more bulbs next Fall. I'm so liking all that is coming up. Mostly Hyacinths, muscari and my Irises are shooting up, even along the walkway without dirt. I really need to transplant those guys. Can I do that NOW or do I have to wait till Fall again?

  5. Janet, here's a link to a 8MB file of that photo. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think you can get just about any size print you want out of it.

    camp lake in winter

  6. So, I decided to try Feedly. It shows my Google Reader blogs (although it only shows the ones that were in folders and not the ones that weren't - maybe because they don't have anything current? but they aren't even listed along the side). The biggest problem is that I can't for the life of me figure out how to add a new site. When I click Add Website it brings up a list of suggested sites (which simply annoys me). When I put a URL into the find sites it doesn't find them. Am I missing something?

    I also had to go into each and every folder to change the settings so that I just got a list. I don't like all that magazine style stuff, it takes forever to load. I want my RSS reading to be quick and easy, not pretty.

    1. All my reader rss feeds came over without any problems and I didn't have any in folders.

      To add a site, I just clicked on the search icon on the rights side of the feedly page and put the url in the search box and it brought up the link for the feed. Then I moved it to one of the categories I created.

    2. I realized I kind elided the steps for adding the site: I clicked on the link which brings up the rss feed for that site. Then I selected "+add" which let me select the category.

    3. I found my missing sites under "Other" and had to create folders to put them in for them to show up. Maybe that's because almost everything was already in folders?

      I click the search icon and put the url in the search box and nothing happens. But I just discovered if I put the name of the blog in the box it brings up a list of links and I can click the one I want. I don't understand why putting the URL in doesn't work. (I'm using it through Firefox btw).

      Oh well, at least I've figured out how to do it even if it isn't the most efficient. Now to see how the mobile sites work.

    4. I'm using chrome so that could be why it's working for me.

    5. Maybe that's it. I keep thinking I'll switch to Chrome but part of me doesn't want to give Google MORE to data mine. On the other hand from the beginning I was willing to let them data mine my RSS preferences. I think that's the main reason I'm so surprised they are dropping Reader, it seems a trove of information for them.

  7. There may be some daffs thinking about opening up but the weather gods are having different thoughts: we have a forecast of 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow.

  8. The weather gods relent a bit -- the amount of accumulating snow has been reduced to less than an inch and to be followed by rain. OTOH, the forecast for the first day of spring is a high of 36 and a low of 20. And tonight is the last night with a low above freezing for the next 5 day at least. :(

    Oh yeah -- good morning.

  9. I have a Chrome plugin that tracks RSS. I was pretty cranked when Apple removed the built in RSS reader from Safari. But the RSS feeds don't completely overlap what I have in Reader, and Blogger's "overview" page has a Reader feed, so I use both. To be really effective, RSS needs to be built into something else… which is why I'm not likely to jump on Feedly.

    After lunch, back to the repair project. Just some painting & trim to finish up.

  10. I don't even know what rss or feedly is. :)

    Happy St. Patrick's Day from Portland! Home of the US Division Champs!

    Top Scorer, Best Defense. Top Defenseman. #1 NHL Draft Pick. Best Goalie. Top Rookie. Most Wins. Most Goals. League Leaders!!! All without a Head Coach after pathetic sanctions against us for being so good. :)

    Regular Season Ender is tonight. Ice will be green. Picking up my Playoff tix tonight at game. We are ahead of the 2nd place team by TWENTY-FIVE POINTS!!!!!! Fanfreakingtastic and unbeeleevabbulllll!!!!! What a season for all us. Wesley mostly :)