Monday, March 18, 2013

Jim Ponders Zen Sniff Pondering Disappearing Bebo

Both taken March 6, 2013.
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  1. Morning all. Going to Indy today to take my mom to get her mammogram. Now there's something for Zen Sniff to really ponder: does that make me a good daughter or a bad daughter?

  2. Winter wonderland! :-(

    Still a little stiff from the repair work. Medicinal quantities of rum helped last night, but now it's tough it out time.

    I managed to lose my keys over the weekend, so my work laptops are locked up. Monday.

  3. Hope your mom's day turns out okay, andi. I think it makes you a good witch.

    Spring? I remember that word. I think we're having it. It was cool and rainy this morning, sunny this afternoon, and cloudy again tonight. Temps dropping by Wed. Wait 15 minutes, and the weather will change.

    Big hugs to all undergoing health issues....

    Life should be returning to normal starting today. All visitors have left, and no traveling on the horizon except to Jacksonville every now and then. A beach wedding to look forward to on Saturday. Otherwise, just working and walking on the beach.

    Take care, all, and hope that spring arrives where you are soonest!