Monday, March 4, 2013

Irrational Exuberance

Taken February 5, 2013.

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  1. Snow and freezing rain in our forecast. Blecch. But it appears that Sniff and Bebo don't quite feel the same.

  2. And me, too, Kelly. Particularly when the snow seems to have basically disappeared from the forecast.

    Whoever sent the insomnia fairy my way - thanks, please take him back.

  3. Catching back up after spending more time offline.

    Janet, hugs & condolences to all.

    I'm waiting for the Snowquester - the snowstorm that's supposed to hit on Weds. Bah humbug. I'd rather watch romping puppies.

  4. Watch out for the old yeller snow.

    Screw the Insomnia Fairy, who the hell unleashed the late night munchie monster on me last night. Why did I wake up and insist I had to eat some whit chocolate chips from the bag? Geeze Louise,, Mary Jane.

    Went to my advanced yoga class yesterday and took Wayne. He loves that Sunday class but usually is working. Work is being wonderful to me and supportive. As is Wayne's company.

    Wayne is a "peaceful wreck". I'm just letting him putter around since if I try to have him rest he kinda freaks out. He's cleaned out the garage, we are making a dump run today (Sat it was closed) and he's "helping" me organize the kitchen. ... ... It's like he's nesting and de-hoarding all at once.

    Here's the obit, they did a nice job.

  5. Something else: What I shared with our hockey family.

    Thank you all for the kind words to Wayne. Experiences can overwhelm our emotions. I remember how my heart almost burst and my entire grasp on life completely changed the moment I looked down at my firstborn in my arms. You instantly feel your humanity as well as realize your own mortality. It's one of those basic, primal time lines that cuts right through you. The moment you hold your first baby. The day you hold your parent as they lay dying. It ages us, humbles us and forever changes us. Hopefully it makes us better beings.

    Harrison's gift of music has brought me much comfort during my own times of grief, struggle and need for courage, compassion and change. Harrison spent the rest of his days devoted to the true meaning of life, and death. And how each informed and lent infinite meaning to the other.

    So much loss in our lives lately. My Mom, Wayne's best friend Oleg, his young nephew Alex and then Alex's father from cancer, my Mom's sister and now Wayne's father.

    The following songs have given me comfort and ... guidance, if you will.

    Link to Be Here Now

    Rare Acoustic verson of Art of Dying

    All Things Must Pass

    Namaste my dear friends. Hockey and Bookworms :)

  6. Fantastic shot of the pups Andi. A photo that puts a smile on the face of the viewer.

    Janet - sorry to hear about Wayne's dad. :(