Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hiding Places

Taken March 7, 2013.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Weirdest weather yesterday -- it snowed the entire day but most of the time the snow was so light and fine that is was like mist.

    A good Passover to all who celebrate it.

  2. Wow, awesome pic, Andi!

    Snow: all gone. Sunshine has returned. Here's hoping that spring weather is close.

  3. No snow so far. Here's hoping we dodged it.

    Happy Passover!

  4. Wow KMc!!! Snow Dragon is fantabulous!!!

    No snow here. Spring has sprang. Awaiting the April showers which bring ginormous Northwest puddling.

    Winterhawks lost game one and then won game two in round one of the playoffs.

    Have almost the entire garage unloaded of my Mom's non-emotional, non-valuable stuff. It was HARD taking stuff that was obviously "junk" to the e-cyling or dump. You know scraped up pans are junk, especially those awful teflon pans, but it's your Mom's and it feels like a part of her is being chucked. But my Mom died of cancer her worn out items that are of no use are like weights on me. My brother still hasn't come over to go through any of it so I gave him a deadline which he can't make now. But if he isn't here by next Thursday... it's gone. So I feel okay. But it's emotional. All the other stuff is up in the attic and that is looming, but it'd be nice to have room in the garage for my kayaks and a freezer and just to have the boxes out of there.

    Much accomplished this weekend, garage, two hockey games and dump/recycling runs. But am now exhausted!!! Still have the virus so that's probably wearing me down.

  5. We had a dusting of snow here this morning, more flaky weather. Nothing to inspire anything as pretty as this pic though. Supposed to be nicer tomorrow.

    I agree, the snow dragon was pretty awesome!

    Janet, good to hear you're making some room. I need to do that. I don't even have the excuse of the deceased parent, just inertia and sloth. :-P

    Off to supper! Wife made something with the chicken broth I made earlier in the week.