Saturday, March 2, 2013

Green Where You Find It

All photos taken February 10, 2013.
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  1. It's March but we're having below normal (and below freezing) temps for awhile so spring seems way more than a few weeks away.

    Hope everybody has a fine Saturday.

  2. ::waves at everyone WITH MY GOOD ARM::

  3. Hey guys... Wayne's dad took a turn for the worse yesterday and we lost him this morning. He was 83.

    He died making plans instead of waiting for death's door. He spared himself and his family the physical ravages, the pain, the dementia that cancer brings. The slow, agonizing wait. The heart attack, in some ways, eased the ragged edge. He died with two of his sons present at his side.

    Not sure on what the exact plans are. Small gathering, Masonic cremation. His funeral and memorial will be set for the Summer. We're focusing on bringing Wayne's closest brother out here for a physical and mental geographical as he's in bad shape.

    Wayne said his good byes to his Dad back in October when he flew back to Boston after hearing about the cancer diagnosis. Father and Son walk and talk. He's very grateful that he did that and had that time with him. He's aware and appreciative of all the support and thoughts from you all.

    We're out of coffee this morning of all mornings.

  4. Janet, hugs and condolences.

  5. Janet, so sorry to hear that. Sending good thoughts to you and Wayne and your families.

  6. All my sympathy to you, Wayne and all your family, Janet.

  7. Janet, sorry to hear the news. Sending hugs and good thoughts to you, Wayne and the kids.

  8. Thanks guys. What's weird is that he's the only relative that was sane and that seemed to like me.

    Wayne's holding up but his brother is a wreck. Relatives are all onboard with wanting him to come out here to "rest". I think it will be good for Wayne, as well.

  9. Sorry to hear that, Janet. It sounds like he was ready, though. Sending good vibes to you & Wayne. And his brother.

  10. Jen, that arm... have they x-rayed yet? I'm surrounded by arm/should/back injured people due to work being what it is. I first thought my core arthritis was a shoulder injury. Couldn't let my arm to wave, couldn't reach up to hug or even get a glass. Physical therapy for two years till they x-rayed. LOL. I now swear by yoga for helping me retain and expand mobility and ease pain. Every try it? Many types of yoga and some good some goofy. I almost gave up on it till I found my studio that I love.

    Wayne's brother is a mess. He had renal failure this year. Been back and forth with his seperated wife. She is battling lung and breast cancer. Been helping her with many things till he's exhausted as well as spending time with his ailing Dad. This week she refused to speak to him. He needs a total break. Good thing is the rest of the family agrees and hope we can get him out here.

    Wayne is taking this week off. He needs the time.

    I loaded up my car with boxes of stuff from the garage. It was hard throwing the "junk" away. So we get to the landfill and it's closed. Argh. But I did find my Mom's KitchenAid Ultra Power Cobalt blue stand mixer that she maybe used twice. But then that caused me a bit of a sad. It will be great for mixing my yummies when I need to double batch. I really do hope Wayne's dad got to see the link about Wesley on the news. I wish my Mom could have. But I'm so glad you all got to see it and share in it.

    I love you guys.