Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dawn to Dusk

Both taken February 11, 2013.
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  1. Morning all. They've dropped the freezing rain from the forecast and now we've just got rain and then snow. Hope everybody in the track of this storm gets off lightly.

  2. Andi, I hope whichever weather you get, it's weather you like. :)

    Janet, thanks for the concern about my arm. I have not had the shoulder x-rayed because I have not been able to get a damn doctor to see me. My last GP was mostly useless but she could have referred me for imaging if she hadn't moved across town. She's now too far away for me to follow even if she did have decent skills, so I need a new one, but can't find one who will take Medicare. I have recently had several ridiculous conversations with receptionists about the fact that their greedy evil bastard employers are categorically refusing to take any new Medicare patients (they won't see Medicaid patients either).

    My range of motion is still limited, my grip/grasp is affected, I can't lift anything heavier than a half-full coffeepot, and the near-constant but mild/achy pain gets sharp and pretty bad whenever I move the arm the wrong way. Plus which sleep is even more difficult than usual because my autopilot software is too buggy to remember not to roll over onto the bad shoulder. I'm resting it now, have a couple more primary practice recommendations to check, but may ultimately be forced to seek care at the emergency room.

    I am beyond furious about the entire thing and frankly I blame the Democratic apologists who hippie-punch the left every bit as much as I blame the Republican plutocrats who are trying to make us into serfs. The good Rev. Dr. King was right about a lot of things, moderates just being one of them.

  3. Sounds alot like my arthritis in my chest and how it impacted my right arm/shoulder. I couldn't reach things from the top shelf of the fridge.

    I, too, am so sick of ALL politicians. The Obama apologists are just as bad as the Paulbots and Fox viewers. They just have a better vocab is all. People are actually excusing torture, drones and more drones.... so many schools are closed now and education horrifically impacted... gutted, if you will. More people have died due to lack of health care than ever will in any terrorist attack. We have lost more ground on basic human rights. You don't get those back without some kind of a war.

    Obama is nothing but an old time Republican. A Corporate lawyer. Progressive? Yeah right. Yes he's better than Romney, Palin, McCain... but bad options aren't really choices are they? Free and the Brave? All I see are the Sick and the Scared.

    But don't worry, Obama is coming after the Colorado and Washington because of Marijuana. As if that was really a major priority... I'm just disgusted. Tar Sands... environment.. education. The Right go after him for being essentially of another skin color and they're all rabid gun lovers so their hysteria is scary. But I'm done with him due to his Drones and that he's actually a Republican. I'm not professional lefty but as his admin calls us the "r" word...

    Democrats had better find a real Progressive next election. I know many activists who will no longer support the same old Dem Party. Danni was correct in the last March Rally about Obama. Her generation don't see things in D or R. The world is no longer so black and white, right or left. They see their friends with no choices, no safety nets, no help. They know people are hurting and cant even be seen by a regular, old doctor for basic ailments....

    Smack. No thanks, I do not want another.

  4. Jen, I hope you find a doctor soon. And here's a "there, there" pat for you (but very gently so as not to hurt anything.

    In other news, the snow has started here. Blecch and blecch again and also feh.

  5. We had snow showers all day but nothing stuck. Not even to the grass. Now starts the warm up.

    Jen I too hope you find a doctor soon. It just shouldn't be this hard. Yes, even I a "corporate lawyer" can be outraged at the modern healthcare system :)

    And speaking of being a corporate lawyer, we've been representing lots of doctor's practices who are being bought up by local hospitals. The hospitals buy the equipment and then employ all the doctors directly because reimbursement rates (including medicare) are going down for private practice but can be more for some services when they are performed at hospitals. Medicare reimburses at a substantially higher rate for the same services if they are provided in a hospital outpatient department rather than a doctor’s office. It is happening all over the country. So while you are looking for doctors, consider hospital outpatient clinics. Cuz that's where a lot of doctors are now.