Monday, March 11, 2013

Camouflage Dogs

Taken February 24 & 17, 2013.
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  1. Ha! We didn't even get that extra hour of daylight because big dark clouds showed up instead.

    Morning all.

  2. Mason's waking up even earlier. WTF? 7am, and he goes "I'm done sleeping now." Grumble mumble.

    Still dark outside. Don't care. I want that light this evening when I get home. Except it'll be raining. :-P

  3. DST rolls a 6. Andi rolls a thunderstorm! ::game show buzzer sound:: DST loses a turn.

    Larry, that baby is too cute to sleep. He'll catch up when he's a teenager.

    In news of the shoulder, a friendly nurse has advised me that there is essentially nothing doctors can do for me short of surgery, which I suspected, so I am blowing off imaging in favor of more rest and home-care treatment. It still hurts like hell when I move it the wrong way but I am seeing improvement, slowly but surely. While I should continue seeking out a primary care practice because that's obviously the responsible thing to do, I am delaying that because the next doctor who says even a slightly wrong thing to me is going to get punched directly in the mouth on reflex (my good arm is my punchin arm), and I figure being arrested/sued for assault is less responsible than waiting it out a while.

    I hope all of you are feeling less punchy. :) Good day to everyone.

  4. Hi all,
    Jen, recently I hurt my shoulders (combination of a fall at the ice rink and overreaching for something in the back seat of the car) and my doctor suggested physical therapy. I had 3 sessions. The first was a very thorough evaluation and instruction on how to do a series of 7 exercises. The second and third were followups to check progress and get 6 more exercises. It's helped a lot. Of course, YMMV.

    Larry, Mason sounds like he may be related to Beebo. She's usually ready to go for a walk at least an hour before we are.

  5. Oy vey Jim -- misspelling your own dog's name is pretty bad. Not enough caffeine in the morning?

    Mason is a walking (and waking) definition of adorable, Larry.

    Jen, we didn't even get any rain out of it, just very dark clouds canceling out the supposed benefit of DST.

  6. Spring has sprung and the dreaded losing that hour of sleep has made me into a nap-wanting fool.

    Bummer on the shoulder, Jen. :(

  7. Hmmm Jen is more stubborn than my husband.... But she at least gives better arguments.

    Farf, what Jen said. Mason will sleep when he's a teenager. Hell, just try waking him up then :)

  8. Then can I send him the insomnia fairy? Visited again last night - I don't Spring forward. I sort of awkwardly stumble forward, fighting all the way.

    Hope the shoulder is better soon, Jen.