Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Visitor from the Future

Taken February 18, 2013.

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  1. Snow's almost gone and it's going to be in the 50s today; maybe I can convince the daffs it's really almost spring and they ought to start blooming.

    In other news, I hate daylight savings time. :(

  2. A visitor from the future? Ethel, go git me my gun. Cause you know what we do with those. Same thing we do with Messengers. Or people who are different. Or independent women who own property and have a mole... :)

    I am so excited about the bulbs popping up in my yard. Seems the squirrels helped "plant" some, too. I have several that are red striped leaves. Odd.

    Yoga kicked my butt yesterday. Went to the pub and had Cherry Poppin' Cider. :)

  3. Hey, back among the living, almost. Crazy month. I moved, my sister was here, a musician friend was here, we traveled around the state on tour, he left this morning, and today I worked 17 hours. He's back Monday, then more insanity until he leaves on Tuesday, and I get my life back. Not that I'm complaining - it's been fun. But my real life is in dire need of attention.

    Anyway, hope everyone is well. Survived my birthday last week. Now heading out to listen to a little music, then another long-ass day tomorrow. Hope you're all warm and safe and healthy! Will return when the carousel slows down and I can jump off again....

  4. Hi all. Bye-bye to the lost hour. But hello, Beth ... and also belated happy birthday!

  5. I'll take the one day of groan to have extra daylight for when I get home from work. Mason didn't have any trouble popping out of bed at the new 8:15 (whiiiiiineeeee) so he's good.

    Yesterday involved much cutting and splitting of wood, and playing outside with Mason. Nearby deadfall should take care of our heating needs until it's no longer needed.

    Two posts in two days over at my blawg… Mik's friend Charn gets his own #FridayFlash, and I rant a little about the stunt Random House is trying to pull.

    More coffee, Scotty!