Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Goes Before

Taken January 30, 2013.

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  1. Morning. Hope everybody's weekend goes along smoothly.

  2. Beauteous monochrome shot! That's a wall-hanger.

  3. Paging Mr. Ansel Adams. :)

    hey Jen, rotator cuff thingy. Sorry dear. Thought at first I had frozen shoulder. Turned out it was due to stress fracture cracks along my collar bone and now I have arthritis in my core. Sucks! But yesterday I went back to yoga. I don't know why I strayed for so long. I love yoga so why do I postpone what is good for me? Oh ya... I'm a Mom.

    Of course here in my version of yoga, me and my husband then go to the local pub down the street and hang out. :) It's Portland, we can so do that.

    Many errands to do today. Wesley has an Oscar party to attend Sunday with his friends and classmates. He won the grandprize last year. This year it's supposed to be pretty cool as there will be a James Bond tribute during the awards...

    We haven't seen a single movie nominated for the biggies. Typical.

  4. Morning everybody. All's quiet on the midwestern front.

  5. Ow ow ow OW.

    Best wishes to you all.

  6. Quiet here too, especially since the girlies took Mason with them when they went to deal with family stuff this morning. It's supposed to be really nice out today, like sunny and 60 nice, so I'll be outside most of the afternoon. Tomorrow, our reminder that winter, I mean rainy season, isn't over yet.

  7. Wesley bought himself a HP Envy. Touchscreen with intel 5 inside. 23 inch screen. Also got a z-line desk for it. Now he won't even need a tv in his room.

    of course, being autistic, he doesn't like the "NEWness" of any of it. However, he is a bit stoked.

    Wes went to his best friend's house for a Pre-Oscar party pizza and to rewatch Skyfall. The cool thing is the invite was a spur of the moment thing and it was right before a Sharks hockey game was about to come on. Wes went to his friends. YAY!!!! Spontaneity!!!

    I made some awesome muselliex (sp) used up baking chips, blueberries and dried cherries. Let almond milk soak in it all night last night. Wow!!!

    Wes is filling out his Oscar Ballot for the party he's going to tonight at his bf's house. He won last time. (Still hasn't used his gift card from that... )