Monday, February 11, 2013

We'll Cross That Log ...

Both taken January 14, 2013.
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  1. Good morning all.

    Dina, thanks for the link -- that was fascinating. We get those (though not in that abundance) on the camp's lake occasionally.

  2. "Cirque du chien: First, we amaze you with our skilled feats of acrobatic tree walking. Then, we poop."

    Andi, I have to go to the mall today so I can keep an eye out for decent sweatpants. Which colors might your mother find acceptable?

    Dina, I'm glad you didn't get snowed in. We just got rain here, which is good, because last year was much too dry.

    Janet, my backstage tour rider for the management of other people's rightwing relatives includes, but is not limited to, the following items: a dozen rolls of duct tape and one (1) gay pride tshirt per relative; a whiteboard and a box of Nature's Palette markers for making Al Gore style charts; Hillary Clinton action figure with kung-fu grip and Benghazi playset; enough xanax to knock out a professional hockey team (bench inclusive); Lil Gutenberg Tots home press long form birth certificate maker; George Takei; and a mannequin with puffy pink pubic hair.

    Wishing you all a good day.

  3. You're a good (and funny which is even better) person, Jen. Any bright color will do but the sweatpants also have to have pockets and be heavier (like a good sweatshirt) material. Thinness was the problem with most of the ones we found.

  4. Sound like you've got everything covered with your General Theory of Relatives Survival Kit™.

  5. Mom likes her sweats the same way I like mine. (Except I'm less picky about colors.) (But if I could get Nature's Palette sweats I totally would, heh.) I'll scout the haunts where I tend to find stuff I like, although it's usually the spring stock that brings the bright colors.

  6. Jen, un-universally constantFebruary 11, 2013 at 7:33 AM

    Jim, lol, nice.

  7. Jen, lol! A good way to deal.

    Andi, I am glad you liked the link. I thought of you as soon as I saw the picture.

  8. In today's sweatpants report, Aeropostale (has online ordering and xs size) may be the only store in the country that has decent sweatpants in bright colors, with pockets, with thick material, and in stock right now.

    There are two caveats Andi's mother is likely to care about. The first is that Aero is brand-happy in a way that makes Apple and Nike look private, so while it is occasionally possible to get mostly plain brightly colored sweats from them, the only plain janes available right now are in drab colors. The "active blue" and "lime delight" slim straight sweatpants have a logo stitched prominently on the front of one thigh. (I don't have these exact sweatpants but I do have some just like them, and I was all NO LOGO until I started mooning the neighborhood and gave in, and now I do not care about the logo because these sweatpants are that comfy.)

    The second caveat involves other people seeing the logo, understanding that your mother has purchased pants from a place I lovingly refer to as The Bitchy Tweenager Store, and thus deducing that she may well be on her way to a Justin Bieber concert. The upside of that is that maybe she'll make some new friends who actually enjoy hanging out with her at the mall. ;p

    And now I need a nap. See y'all on the flip side.

  9. Do the dogs logoff after they logon, or just go to sleep mode?

    Jen, you gave me a double-whammy laughfest for Monday! <3 <3 <3

    Rain, rain, and more rain here. It's supposed to get cold (for some value of "cold") this weekend, but the forecast doesn't show it getting any colder than 22°F, which is the coldest it's been all "winter" here. Last Long November, we had three nights in the teens. If it's going to get cold here, it needs to hurry up & happen, because March is not that far away.

    Must write. Must edit. Must attend to dayjob. *sigh*

  10. I can't beleive it. My cousing was actually somewhat humane. Everyone was fairly pleasant but I was getting a bit ready to do battle with the talk of "guns". Trust me, it was pathetic talk.

    I was asked to stand and speak about memories of my grandparents. It was their 70th anniversary.

    Only one uncle was a bit of a train wreck but he stayed clear of me. So it was okay.

    I do realize now that it's not just me with crazy relatives. My hockey nick name is Azul...

    "(((Azzy))) hope you get through your family visit unscathed. My brother had a scary Thanksgiving with some friends who turned out to be gun totin', Obama hatin' racist survivalists who are stockpiling food and ammo so they can post guards on their gardens to defend themselves from starving neighbors looking for food when the 'Hard Times' arrive. I wouldn't have lasted through the first cocktail before running for my life, but he kept his cool and listened to their hate and lies for the whole evening. Yikes." Hockey friend

    Some things you just can't be mum about. Not when it comes to basic human rights. I just can't sit there and listen and not say something. As I think it makes me part of the problem.

    Thanks for all the love and concern. Yoooze guyz are da best.

  11. "... and thus deducing that she may well be on her way to a Justin Bieber concert." OK, that made me laugh out loud. Andi, your mother MUST get these sweatpants.