Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stuck in Time

Taken January 22, 2013.

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  1. Morning all.

    Thank you, Personal Shopper Extraordinaire. We will definite check those sweatpants out. Given that Mom has hit the age when nearly all behavior filters have worn to a mostly-holes state, I don't think she'll care about the logo ... and after she'd been bum-rushed to a Bieber concert, she'd probably just say that he was as cute and almost as good a singer as that nice Bat Mitzvah girl at last Saturday's service. :)

  2. Now I have this mental image of your mom crowd-surfing the Bieber show in her totally bitchin Aero threads, holding up a lighter and shouting out requests to hear specific portions of the Torah read aloud.

    Janet, it's not like we wouldn't pass the hat to bail you out but I'm nonetheless relieved that you were able to avoid Family Thunderdome. :)

    The running around I did yesterday wiped me out so for me today is all about resting and trying to nurse my newly arthritic shoulder back into motion again. HAIL IBUPROFEN. Wishing you all a great day, whatever you're up to.

  3. PS. That's a great picture.

  4. I'm back from Belize - hope y'all had a great week! I'm moving this week to my beach apartment, so not online much. Just wanted to check in and say hi, so you didn't think I stayed in Belize. Though it's tempting....

    Anyway, stay warm and dry up there. Hope these crazy storms haven't impacted anyone too much. And I'll be back once my life settles down!

  5. "Behavior filters have worn to a mostly-holes state" - oh, wow, that's so descriptive! Sounds like a couple 3yo boys of my acquaintance.

    Jen, your shoulder reminds me I should be working mine more. I have a pair of 10-lb weights that help a lot, but I can't ever seem to make it a habit. Foo.

    Beth, one of these days I'm going to write you into an Accidental Sorcerers story. You'll be a Wold, because they're nomadic. :-)

  6. Family Thunderdome... bwahahahaha! :)

    Just got off the phone with Wes and his teacher. Winterhawks need him to get suited up and be in their sales staff picture tomorrow. He's stoked! And very very proud. :)

  7. Spend more time with the 90+ crowd, Jen, and you won't find that image the least bit absurd.

    And Larry, spend more time with 90+ crowd and the similarities to 3 year olds will be even more striking (except that 3 year olds do not exude the attitude of "F*ck it -- what can they do to me that being old hasn't already done").

    Welcome back, Beth! Your pictures of Belize look wonderful. No wonder you didn't want to leave.

    Woo hoo for Wes, Janet.