Friday, February 15, 2013

Lines and Edges

Taken January 25, 2013.

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  1. Fairly good morning to all -- got my new laptop and in my throes of getting it set up which is going not too awfully (only one piece of software so far that won't run on windows 8). But boy is windows 8 a pain in the butt. Still have a long way to go though.

    On the it's all good side -- it's very nice to have a new (and very, very speedy) machine after over 4 years with a clunker I never really liked.

  2. Oh yeah -- Larry, my little "amphitheater" was about 3/4 inch deep and about on 4 inches on the longest side.

  3. Yay for new tech equipment! Boo for stupid warranty software restrictions! Yay for Larry's smashing words in the nook! Dear gods but it is too early for this kind of cheerleading.

    Janet, I've seen the first few episodes of The Following and I love the concept but the execution isn't quite working for me. They have not yet persuaded me that any of these people have sufficient motive to kill random folks, or that Professor Serial Killer has sufficient charisma to be in control of all of these people. I agree with you that the cult expert is one of The Followers but I hope there's more twist to that storyline than a simple reveal.

    I just started watching a new show called The Americans on FX. It's about KGB agents and is set in the early 80s. It's a little intense (in a similar way as Breaking Bad is intense) but so far it's compelling and I'm eager to see where they're going with it. The ethical issues are fascinating. They must have blown a giant hunk of their budget on music rights for the first episode alone, which included a great chase scene set to Fleetwood Mac and a dances with dark intimacies scene set to Phil Collins.

    Happy Friday to everyone.

  4. Fri-DAY! Fri-DAY! Fri-DAY!

    That's about all I got for now. :-P

  5. Omigosh, you all seen the meteorite footage in Russia?

    Jen, I do like the floating camera technique. Makes it more intimate without the Blair Witch crap. I love the idea of it. Serial killers making alliances via the net. But I can't believe some of the sloppy police work. Too many flashbacks. I'm hoping the tells aren't that simple. If it's revealed the expert is a follower, than I'll quit as I radared in on her the first time she was shown on the tube. As I said, I'm in it for the bad guys. Purefoy is compelling enough I think. Look at all the groupies who wait at jails for less thans. People are alone, they want to belong, be a part of something "big". I think many would follow an internet killer's command. Especially nowadays. Hell, people line up to hear Palin, Bachmann, etc etc speak. :)

    Why these types of people don't commit to something good like feeding the hungry or cleaning up a park... is beyond me. :)

    Oh and I LOVED American Horror Story. Waiting for ssn 2. You were 'dead on' about that show. I'll check out The Americans.

  6. I was looking at the "bug out" bags, as well as safety kits etc and they all SUCK! Some or the para-military bags are "ok" but still pack some amazingly cheap crap in them for the moolah. What some are willing to spend on guns and ammo... one could supply their entire family with much needed emergency staples.

    So I'm going to first make a "Day Bag" for Kayaking/Trips. Nice little emergency kit that will contain medical supplies and day food. I can always then add another bag for the same kit that would then be for if you had to overnight it, then a 4 day on your own additions. Found a cool item called QuickClot that is amazing for trips, bike/hikes. Water tablets weren't included in most kits I saw. Duh! Most kit/bags didn't have waterproof matches.

    I'm thinking of keeping the "Day Bag" in my car and the other bags in the front closet. Only "Bug Out" bag I can think of is like the bag of photos, copies of documents. Much like you'd have for if you had to evacuate immediately - like in case of a fire...

    No, I'm not going Zombie Apocalypse but it's good to be prepared. I live in volcano, flood and earthquake land. Oh my. And Camplandia.

    I've found that vertigo and life in general has left me feeling a bit out of control. So I think making and creating nifty "bags" for the car and house and trips would be somewhat therapeutic for me. Or... just make me paranoid(?) LOL However, I've been through some major natural disasters before so this could be part of my psyche as well. Typhoons, Volcanoes and Floods can do that to ya. Oh and a forest fire that I had to wait and see if it had taken our home. Been evacuated from my home twice in my life. Anyone? Anyone?