Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Line Dance

Taken January 27, 2013.

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  1. Going from a high of 58 yesterday to a low of 13 tonight. Yesterday, we saw some feral daffodils starting to come up. I hope they didn't pack away their woolies.

  2. The daffs started blooming in January here! JANUARY! Today, more rain.

    Snippet & her bf came to see Mason yesterday, and are staying nearby to come by again today. The bf, a Wisconsin boy, was wearing shorts & a t-shirt… well yeah, it *was* in the 50s yesterday. That's pretty warm for this time of year for him. Everyone seems to be on their best behavior, which is good. So far. :-P

    Mime time…

  3. No mimes for me today. Had to take the day off so I can take Wesley to the Social Security office. Not sure about they whys of this meeting. Some say it's an annual, some say it's due to no paystubs from work experience because of the budget cuts. Just hope they don't have a cop stand behind me the entire time like last visit. Hopefully it's nothing serious and we didn't screw up somehow with his account.

    Wesley LOVES Taylor Swift. Has for some time. But lately he's been questioning things. He still doesn't know that the President of the hockey team is trying to get him two tickets to the instantly sold out show of hers here in PDX. But superstars should realize that if your actions are even making your die hard fans question you - it might be time to change your ways. Wesley was asking me and Danni why Swift made fun of her ex-boyfriends so much. (Even he is getting tired of that old song and dance!) Finally he asked, (paraphrasing) "Why does she publicly humiliate people? Oh... is she a BULLY?"

    Yes, Wesley, yes she is a bully. He's decided that he'll like her music but no longer pay attention to the award shows and buy all her schwag/posters etc.

    Your loss Taylor Swift.

  4. Hola, gang. Been offline for a while taking a mental break. Spent a lovely, quiet Pres day weekend at home, reading.

    Best of luck with Social Security, Janet.

    Hope everyone's hanging in there.