Friday, February 8, 2013

Good Evening

All photos taken January 16, 2013.
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  1. A good morning to go with my Good Evening and happy almost weekend to all the worker bees.

  2. "Show-offs: Harrumph."

    ;p Gorgeous snaps.

    Happy Friday to all!

  3. Morning, all! Such pretty pics. :)

    Rainy here today, the very outskirts of Nemo (which is what the Weather Channel is calling the NE Snowpocamaggedon).

    Spending a day at the mimes, making up for sick day.

    Is it 5, yet? ::g::

    Happy Friday!

  4. Wesley is becoming a bit of a celeb. My store put his story and the video up on their intranet. Wayne's job did as well. But his goes globally.

    It's about 55 degrees here. Sunny. Warm. Really weird for February.

    Suppose you have heard of the cake shop owner here (Greshsam, other side of Portland) who denied a gay couple a wedding cake(?) I can't believe the support he's getting!!!! He's a 'Christian' and says making and selling a cake to a gay couple would be unconstitutional as it's against his beliefs. He says the govt shouldn't be able to force him to do what he wants with his own business he made. Sound familiar??

    Beliefs? I call that bigotry.

    NRA nuts and racists and bigots oh my. What a world what a world.

  5. Snow here - I have power but everyone is warning about possible power outages and the blizzard conditions are due tonight.

    Here's hoping the power stays on.

    Janet, the Ace of Cakes has volunteered to make the bridal cake free of charge. That's a Christian gesture.

  6. That is an awesome part of the story! Take care Dina!

    Hope the power stays on, but I wonder what the people without a home to power do during these harsh nights.

    Sleep tight everyone. My cats have already crashed out on my side of the bed. Figures. ;)

  7. Hi all! Beauteous sunset shots. Sailor's delight, indeed!

    I really feel for the folks up north of here who are getting clobbered by Nemo. Think: 18 inches of snow, drifts twice that or more, six trees and a power pole down across the road, not a snowplow in sight. That was Planet Georgia in late March 1993. I know what it's going to be like for people up that way. Not pretty. Been there, done that, got chainsaws and a generator if it happens again. :-P

    It's cool that there was a happy ending to the wedding cake idiocy. I expect that a few years down the road, one baker will thrive and one will be out of business (and blaming everyone/thing else for his problems). "We reserve the right to serve refuse to anyone."