Thursday, February 14, 2013

Does it Come with Pockets?

Taken January 24, 2013.

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  1. Howdy everybody.

    Well the new computer is so supposed to arrive today and then I will have first hand knowledge of the horrors of Windows 8.

  2. May your old computer RIP. (But only after you successfully use it to google useful instructions for the new OS.)

    lol@your title but that image reminds me more of Canyon de Chelly than a Georgia O'Keefe painting. I think it's the lines.

    Happy VD to all of you!

  3. O'Keefe=O'Keeffe

  4. Your thoughts are much more wide-ranging than mine. The little ice formation made me think of greek amphitheaters. And the title was just a leftover from having mom's sweatpant requirements on my brain.

    But I love Canyon De Chelly. One time we we hiked down to the White House Ruins late in the day when everybody else had left. The wind was blowing through the trees but otherwise it was completely quiet and I suddenly felt such a strong connection to the place. I think it's the closest I've ever come to a spiritual experience.

  5. I can definitely see amphitheater, too. And the chorus sings of the glories of pockets.

    Everyone I know who has been to Canyon de Chelly says that same thing about it. I knew a guy back in Flag who was a fire watcher, so he spent most of his time out in the desert by himself, and he was addicted to the place, always either going over there or just coming back. There's some kind of energy about that whole area out west, I don't know what it is, but I felt it frequently when I lived there -- that's what drew me out there in the first place.

  6. A very cool shot! I see the "Macros" tag, but still have no idea of the scale. I thought "amphitheater" too, and figured the "pockets" reference was about the sweatpants. Heehee.

    Oh, if your new computer is an HP, I saw an article on G+ saying that downgrading to W7 from W8 voids the warranty. (yeah, weird) I wonder of upgrading to Linux would have a similar effect.

    Accidental Sorcerers *finally* made it to the Nook Store. I'm done with the Smashwords delays, next time I'm recovering my Pubit password and doing it myself. Smash is pretty quick to get into iBooks, so I'll keep using it for that.

  7. I'm thinking "Golden Eye" but I'm thinking Bond alot lately.

    Anyone else following The Following? I know it has some serious flaws but I'm liking the idea of it all. However, I'm slightly disturbed that I like the evil guys better than the pathetically stupid FBI/cops. No wonder they can't catch anyone. Guh. And I think the "cult expert" on the FBI staff is one of the Followers. Serial Killers making alliances via the net. My favorites are Emma, Hottie and Kill-Virgin. Bi-Threesome Shower Mud Scene. Mi Gusta!

    And why does Kevin Bacon always dress like he's about to do Footloose? Come on, same old black and white get up with the tie not quite tied look is getting OLD. But I still like him. Go figure.

  8. It's an odd way some water froze in a creek.