Friday, February 1, 2013

Disappearing in the Distance

Taken January 9, 2013.

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  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. WES!

    And a good morning to all.

  2. Morning, all.

    Happy news for Wes! That's great, Janet!

    Woke up to snow and far colder temps. I'm killing time now before I'm off to see my new rheumatologist. Hoping this one will work out. Last one couldn't be bothered to pay attention to me when I was talking.

    Happy Friday, all!

  3. Morning! Long week of changes, and more to come. I'm off to Belize for a week with music friends, then home to move - again. Found a funky little apartment on the beach, so am moving to a place where I can listen to the waves roll into shore. Maybe that will keep the Insomnia Fairy at bay. Stay safe and warm til I get back!

  4. Morning. Beth, have a wonderful trip and dump that fairy soon.

    Janet, so great about Wes.

    Maria, I hope the new rheumatologist works out. Nothing worse that a doctor who doesn't listen to you.

    Andi, love this picture.

    Happy weekend to all.

  5. Hooray for Wes! Very happy for you and your whole family, Janet. That's fabulous. -11 with -28 windchill last night. Up to -10/-11 when I got up. Not bad in the right gear, but killing weather without it.

  6. Another Wesley brag:

    After a year and a half, Wesley earned Student of the Month! And the news crew was there to film it.

    I'm so happy, I'm exhausted by it. LOL

    That is wayyyy too cold KMc!
    Congrats to your new abode Beth!
    Maria, hope you are healing.

    Andi... there are no words for your incredible gift of photography.

  7. PS, Jen, I love you 'smuch!!!

    Smuch is now offically a "word".