Saturday, February 9, 2013

Designs by Water and Wind

Both taken January 19, 2013.
Click images to see larger versions


  1. Morning all. Hope you are doing okay, Dina.

  2. Hi all! Those water shots look so peaceful.

    I'm seeing reports of 24" of snow on Long Island, and 30" in Portland ME with more to come. A Twitter buddy in Philly said they only got a few inches of snow on top of sleet earlier on, not nearly as bad as they expected earlier yesterday.

    Meanwhile, it's sunny on Planet Georgia and warming up quickly. Our new wood splitter is a lemon, so the wife is saying "take it back." Fine, whatever. It's got no spark. I can bust up most of it by hand anyway, and it's a good aerobic workout.

    I hope the kids up north have a great time playing in the snow today. The adults too.

  3. Driving up to the Mt. St. Helens area today. My grandparents are having a 70th anniversary. My one sane aunt asked me to come. I'll spend maybe 3 or 4 hours there with my "relatives" as they are not really family. I don't want to go see my mother's grave.

    However this time, they won't be able to take verbal swings at me willy nilly. I'm not as numbed and in shock as I was while my own mother was dying and they all took their cheap shots. I will strike back. Only two that I'm sure will be Limbaughs.

    I made some kick butt salsa and bringing chips as that is what my aunt wanted. Danni is expected to have guests sign the guestbook. She decided to bring her guitar along and play at the entrance. I think it will go well but know that I'm in redneck land and I'm sure they'll be going on and on about the NRA, how the libtards are destroying Uhmerrikka and how science is not needed. The recent snow storm nor the farmer's plight all over won't deter them from the "fact" that global warming is just a hoax.

    Oh... fun times. I wish I could bring Andi and Jen with me. We could "educate" an entire generation right into the ground. Or at least persuade them to read a book and start recycling instead of throwing everything into a fire pit. Soda cans and all.

    I'm only going up north but I feel like I'm going back many decades.

  4. Hi, all. Made it through with power! The snow wasn't that bad as long as one could stay in. And stopped much sooner than expected.

    Janet, good luck. I refuse to engage those idiots because the fight isn't far when they obviously have only half a wit.

  5. Yay Dina!

    I don't try engaging the pod people anymore. They usually just shout you down and call that winning the argument. And if you do score, they just reboot.

  6. A good Sunday to all.

    Bummer on the wood splitter, Larry.

    Hope your trip wasn't too bad, Janet.

    Yay for power, Dina.

  7. Definitely yay for power!

    Saw this (I hope this works) and thought of you, Andi!