Saturday, February 16, 2013

Come to a Point

Taken January 26, 2013.

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  1. Howdy everyone. After many hours of downloading, installing, setting up, and yelling, the new laptop is mostly setup and without too many aggravations -- though Windows 8 is inherently aggravating (but thanks to Google, I've found ways to get past a lot of its annoyances).

    Hope everybody has a great Saturday.

  2. Andi, I'm sure it was the yelling that was most effective. I really like the composition of this picture, btw, it reminds me of the cover of a beach-read novel.

    Janet, I've been through a few hurricanes, including being in North Miami for Andrew. Been shot at, had the house & car broken into multiple times, been robbed at gunpoint, been homeless, plus I grew up super hard, which is its own kind of ongoing emergency situation. (Increasingly, it looks like my childhood difficulties are a likely cause of my present autoimmune issues.) Unsurprisingly, I think that emergency preparedness kits for all kinds of contingencies are a great fn idea. Fwiw, if I were going to make kits now, I would not buy any prepper or bugout stuff; I would do exactly as you are doing and assemble pieces to make my own.

    Here's to hoping we can all get through the weekend without any emergencies. And hey universe, howz about you stop throwing fireballs into the atmosphere, too? Just an idea.

  3. Growing up hard... yup, been there, too. Plus, I'm a Scorpio. I'm all about surviving. :)

    I'm making a Day Bag that'll be in a backpack. It'll be great for when Wayne takes the kids hiking (PDX is chock full of parks, some you can get lost in - why do you think they film Grimm here LOL) and for us when we go kayaking. Also it will be nice to have in the car at all times.

    Speaking of Preparedness...

    GREAT story! This is from my best friend's husband who is a Boy Scout Leader with this hero. I've met Doc a few times in my travels to San Jose to see hockey. They have a rainbow patch type thingy on their uniform.

    The photo reminded me of California's Salton Sea area for some reason. Horribly polluted area sadly.

    Feeling much better, just freakin exhausted. Another meeting with Social Security for Wes this week. Since the Work Experience in the school district was killed they are no more work experience paystubs so I'm sure that's why they are hauling us in.

  4. Another talking to myself cause I've been thinking in the sandbox moment:

    I'm horribly unorganized. I know this of myself. It's my one true faults that I get dinged on all the time. I know this about myself and it just kills me that I can't seem to be organized. Some things I'm more organized than others and other things I'm simply a mess about. Papers, mail, documents... forget about it. If the penalty for disorganization was the gauntlet, I'd be a goner for sure.

    It's not that I'm a mess. As I'm not a dirty person. It's just this crazy inability to COMMIT to being organized. I'm a military brat who still refuses to unpack some boxes or put a nail into the wall. Don't know about putting things away where they belong as I never really belonged anywhere. Anywhoo...

    My disorganization is not about things but also about time. I'm not late or early, I'm just bad with time management. It's like I have calendar ADHD. Not really a procrastinator but more of a multi-starter who never really completes things. What's up with that?

    So in my taking stock of how to start this all... kit bags and my spouse wants to help me "organize" our kitchen (Horrors!) I've realized that I've neglected our "Fire Box".

    Fire Box is the boxes of photos and documents that we'd rush out of the house with in case of a fire or horrible quake. It's located in the front closet. This is due to a fire down in California and I had to run and grab. As soon as I got the Fire Box all done, we were coming home from town to find engines and ER type trucks at the foot of our road and we couldn't get to our homes. So much for the Fire Box... LOL Luckily our home was spared and our fire box and animals were safe.

    But in starting something I realize I didn't finish something else... I'm going back down the rabbit hole to get high with Alice.

  5. A good Sunday to everyone.

    I have to admit, Jen, that all through watching those videos and being concerned about people being hurt, I couldn't stop thinking how amazingly cool it was.

    Janet, I empathize on the disorderliness. I don't have the time part of it but I have to be desperate before I tackle stuff. And to see how awful it has to get before I hit desperation, you'd have to see my basement (and you really don't want to see my basement).

  6. It's not my natural inclination but after working for a ridiculously well-organized lawyer for a while, I prefer to keep things more organized than less. Unfortunately, I live with someone who works at cross purposes with me on this. (E will look you directly in the face and tell you straight out that she "hates to shop". THIS IS A BALD FACED LIE. She is a compulsive internet shopper who routinely keeps boxes until I threaten to call the people who make that Hoarders show.) (And then I still have to throw away the boxes.)

    Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday. :)

  7. I got one drawer in the kitchen cleaned out and organized. Then me and Danni watched Glee and drank really good root beer.

    But I got one drawer done.

    Andi, now you know why it's doubly hard for me to get to my garage and go through my mother's stuff.

    Anyone wonder why so many Russians have dash cams? What's up with that? And... here's the biggie... if our Space Program isn't designed to check up on all these projectiles than what is it for? Oh yeah... it's for spying and killing.

    Beautiful day here in Portland. Chilly but big sun.

    Jen, I'm a perverted shopper. "I like to touch." :) Once when I will ill, I watched some of those Hoarder shows. OMG!!! What struck me wasn't that these people were mentally ill and needed serious help, but that Misery is now Entertainment. Next up, Running Man. Or "Which Family Turn to Domestic Abuse First?" "What Would You Do To Put Food on the Table?" An evil form of Smile You're on Candid Camera.