Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some Days Are Just Like That

Taken December 17, 2012.

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  1. I am giggling at this photo and I want to make it the start of a new line of de-motivational posters:

    "Procrastinate: Things probably aren't going to work out right anyway."

  2. ::feels sad for the poor wee flower::

    After my useless trip to the Minute Clinic yesterday, I woke up feeling a little better. I'm convinced that it's a cold. Clinic had 10 people waiting in front of me. I waited nearly an hour and then realized that even if they only took 10 minutes with each (which is unlikely), well... I skedaddled home to pill the kitty & feed him his lovely,expensively grain & gluten free food.

    He likes it, so hooray for that. He seems to be feeling a bit better. Follow up vet visit is Friday. ::fingers still crossed:: (wish I had a house-call vet.)

    Larry, glad you are feeling better, even though it's minimal. :)

    Happy Tuesday, all!

  3. Morning Jen and Maria and all who follow.

    Jen, it could for the de-lusional as well -- "some keep hanging on long after all is lost".

    Good news on kitty, Maria. Fingers and claws crossed.

    Janet, they always work hard on covering the snow with paw prints and "color" changes. :)

    I hope Maddie finally made an appearance, Dina.

    Larry, I love the pictures -- great looking foot you got there. :)

    Mary, we really need a picture of the snowball thrower in action. We're going to have to get you some snow.

  4. lol Andi, I bet there's an untapped market for X-treme Motivational posters, too: "Death: Jesus didn't let it stop Him so you're all out of excuses."

  5. I'd caption it simply, "oh f**k."

    Andi, that was actually Mason's foot. I captioned it from his PoV since he's the one who took the pictures.

    Yay, Mason's babysitter is here. Shower, then mimes.