Thursday, January 24, 2013


Taken January 3, 2013.

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  1. Morning all.

    Woo hoo for the loving your iPad, Jen. It is such a sweet piece of technology (now if only the libraries would carry more digital books).

    Glad to hear about the positive reaction to the interview, Janet. I'm sure the folks at BT would love to hear about it and hear the interview.

    I'm sooooo glad I don't live any place where 16° is a warm-up. More power (and heat sources) to you, Kelly.

    We're getting a bit of a warm up here -- no more single digits and into the 30s by Sunday -- so I hope you'll get one too, Maria.

  2. Lovely photo, Andi.

    Maria, what a great idea for Janet. Janet, if you don't have the audio tech know-how in your house already, I bet Danni could help you dig some up.

    I tried to shoot a colorful sunset recently but it didn't come out right. It looked like the light blew up all the colors so the images came out a little blurry and almost looked like they were a bit overexposed. Any tips from anyone on how to correct for that? Better settings? Better lens? Better monkey operating the camera?

  3. I can't remember -- do you have a DSLR? If yo do, a faster lens would definitely help. No matter what kind of camera, try a higehr ISO (at least 400). And of course, nothing beats a tripod for steadying a camera but if you can steady the camera on something or against something, that will also help. There are other settings that could help but I'd need to know more about your camera (and lens) to suggest anything. Messing around with your camera is something we could definitely do when we get together next.

  4. Morning, gang! This is the OMG, why is it still so bloody cold and now we have snow edition. Brrrrrr.

    Luckily, we got a blanket okay to work from home today, so I'm not even stepping foot outside. I'd much rather just work in my comfy sweats & slippers and sip tea without having to do such silly things as clean off the car in <20 degree temps.

    Andi, I am SO looking forward to the warm-up!

    Everyone keep safe & warm.

  5. Beautiful picture, andi! And my thin Florida blood can't imagine that I ever survived in below zero temps. Of course, I whined a great deal. Hence, looking out my window at the orange tree next door and the sun shining golden on the palm trees this morning. I have the heat on, since it's only 48 out there, but we're climbing to 70. I miss pretty snowy days, but I'll take this over that every day. Stay warm and safe, y'all!

    Spent a really fun day in Savannah on Tuesday! What a gorgeous town. I'll blog about it in the next day or two. I'm glad it's only 2.5 hours away - I'll be back.

    Have a great Thursday, all!

  6. Yo-ho-ho and a field of snow!

    Jen, even w/o a DSLR, you can still adjust auto-exposure (AE) with a couple of clever tricks. Even some cellphone cameras let you adjust AE either way. If your shots are getting blown out, try setting it to -1 first, increase if needed (most of them go from -2 to +2 f-stops).

    If you don't have even that much control, you can fake it by tilting the camera up a little bit, so the bright(er) sky forces AE to decrease the exposure. (Tilt down into the dark trees or landscape if the pics are coming out too dark, so it increases the exposure.) This is even handy with a DSLR, because most people let AE do the work & you can tilt the camera a lot faster than turning a knob.

    Oh hey, we might get ice in the morning! You-dang-betcha I'll be working at home until THAT melts off.

  7. Hi, all. Cold here and I have a cold. Hibernating.

  8. Can't help but giggle at all your temps ... even though it's not nice of me. ;-)

    It was -40ºF with windchill here last night and expected again tonight (-20ºF without windchill).