Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh Joy! It Snowed!

Taken December 21, 2012.

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  1. Tails so happy the camera cannot even capture them, that's a beautiful thing.

    Good day to all.

  2. Morning, Jen. Glad to hear that you are still working on your novel.

    And morning to everybody else. Hope this is a relatively painless Monday.

  3. Look at all that white snow. Those two dogs have some work to do. :)

  4. Lovely picture, Andi. But I am glad the snow isn't here.

    Waiting for the vet to come - oh, joy. Just the yearly shots but I repeat, oh, joy.

  5. Howdy all! Doggies seem to be very engaged in something they found under the snow.

    Well, the cough has mostly abated, although it still comes around to bedevil me. I still chose to work at home today, just in case. Dina, I hope the vet comes quickly and you can leave quickly. Routine visits can be a hassle, but less so than emergency ones.

    Mason was playing with my phone yesterday, and found the camera app ("smile, Granddad" was my first indication). I weeded his first attempts at photography and posted a few on the blawg.

  6. Larry, hope the cough goes soon. The vet has been and gone. She comes to me which makes it much easier. She actually examined Maddie as Maddie hid behind a box of boxes.

    Of course, I haven't seen Maddie since the vet came but I am hoping she will come out for food.

  7. Cute pic of the daring duo.

    Truman loves snow and is hoping for a big one - or at least one big enough to make snowballs that hold together so he can make us use his his new snowball thrower someone gave him for Christmas :)

    Dina, it is WONDERFUL that the vet comes to you. So jealous!

  8. Mary, it has saved me because my back is too bad to take the cats in. You should check your area because it seems to be a concept that is spreading. I have told friends in Omaha and Virginia about my vet and they found vets in there area that make house calls.

    It helped me keep my promise to Casey that she would never have to go to the vet's office again.

  9. Mary, we have a home visit vet as well. She's very reasonable -- we'd pay her twice what she charges, easy. Dina's right, scout around, it's totally worth it.