Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Moon View

Taken December 18, 2012.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Morning all. The Great Snow Melt is really going strong and there's some raining coming that will help it say an even speedier goodbye.

  2. "Half-empty: All the good parts were used up before you got here."

    (I miss the way we used to beat a joke to death and then back to life again in the marmot cafes of yore.)

    Good day to all my fellow travelers.

  3. Very cool picture, andi. I need to drag out my camera again; part of not traveling is not seeing new things to shoot. Then again, you find new things every day in your woods, so.....lesson learned.

    Sounds like weird weather up there - hope it doesn't turn into a sloppy, muddy mess. You can imagine I'd be thrilled that the snow was melting, but it's not really the right time of the year for that. We're supposed to have 78 and rain here today - winter might be over already here, too.

    Finally finished formatting one of my books to put it out as an ebook. Now I just have to get ready for the rejection part of that, and push the button to make it really happen. Maybe tomorrow.

    Hope everyone has a good Hump Day. I'll be trying to sell hot sauce...

  4. Hi all!

    So far, the old-timers' predictions of a harsh winter are Epic Fail. Or maybe it'll be harsh if it ever gets here. It's back to One Long November here, or maybe October. Forecast weekend highs are 68F, which would be awesome if there wasn't a significant chance of rain every day for as far as the extended forecast goes.

    Beth, formatting an eBook reminds me of a line from PDQ Bach: "The plot seems complex at first, but then it becomes hopelessly confused." It's actually fairly easy to build one, but getting the details right can be an exercise in hair-pulling and heavy drinking. Or are you going to put it on Smashwords? That requires an MS Weird file with certain formatting, as defined in their style guide. BTW, my inner perv is cringing at "Hump Day" and "hot sauce" being so close together… *wince*

  5. Hump Day Marmotinis! (clink)

    Tonight I have a hockey date with the spouse. I had to wake up early though in order to drive him into the mimes as we're leaving right after we punch out.

    We're supposed to get some snow showers tomorrow. But who knows. Gotta run. Senior Discount Day awakes. xoxo

  6. Love this picture.

    Happy hump day, all.

  7. Moon pretty. Weather warmish. Headache ginormous. /day nao?