Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life Imitates Art: Japanese Ink Paintings

Taken January 5, 2013.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Hi all.

    And if you're perfect, Jen, you'll come back as a river otter (no predators, nothing to do but eat and play and NO humans always spoiling your fun).

    Ouch, Maria. :(

    Woo hoo on the ranking, Larry!

    Sorry about the snow, Dina, but if our warm weather (65 today) is heading your way, it won't be around long.

  2. "Sumi-e: With two, you get egg roll."

  3. Gorgeous pic, Andi!

    So you know how they say "it hurts worse the 2nd day"? They are right. Ow ow ow. I took a muscle relaxer last night before bed, but that didn't help as much as I'd hoped.

    Of the good, the mini warm front has arrived and we expect temps into the 60s today. All gone by Friday, but it's something.

    How is it the end of January?

  4. Supposed to be warm today here, too, like upper-60s warm. Tommorow, the severe thumderstorms come to collect the bill. :-P

    Had a little drama last night, with the insert doors not completely closed, the firebox got way too hot. I got the latches closed and turned the blower on full blast to pull cooler air around it, and it got better almost instantly. But we did have that "hot metal" smell for a while.

    Mime time!

  5. Just downloaded The Crossover! I just wish I had time to read it right now.

    Maria, hope you are feeling better soon. My body aches in sympathy.

    Andi, thanks for the warmer weather. The snow is practically gone and it looks to be a lovely winter day.

  6. Gorgeous! Wording all the words today. Hope everyone else is grand.

  7. Yay Dina! Here's the Smashwords link to the free download.

    Meanwhile, Accidental Sorcerers is (as I type) in the #5,609 spot. Still climbing, one back, two forward. As exciting as that is, to me, I'll likely melt into a puddle of squee if it hits the top 100. :-D