Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let's Table that Picnic

Taken January 2, 2013.

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  1. Brrr morning all. We've been in the Arctic air freezer here but we're warming up -- it's 10° this morning instead of the 4° it was yesterday morning.

    Janet, thanks for the picture and the link to yours and Wes' interview. You were both great.

  2. Same here, 9° today instead of the 5° we had yesterday morning. The cats are all looking at me like, "Person, why so cold by my window perch? You fix." They think I have a dial, button or knob for everything. (Would that I did, heh.)

    Janet, I listened to the interview last night and left a tail-end comment on yesterday's post, but I keep thinking about how good you were! You did such an amazing job explaining Wesley's program and why people should support it, and you were smooth as silk. You could probably have your own radio show, make some green doing voice-over work, or just be a stellar volunteer spokesperson for the various worthy causes you support.

    Today in true confessions: I have never had a piece of Apple tech because REASONS, and I still mostly want to run my damn smartphone over with my car (I like the car), but I got an iPad for Giftmas, and surprise! I love this thing. It is my shiny precious.

  3. Oooh my precioushhhhh. Shiny new preciousssshhhh! :)

    Thanks Jen, I'd love to do voice work. Used to read stories to the local school districts and all that jazz. Some stage work. Envision me with a Georgian accent in Crimes of the Heart as Babe. :) But instead I'm chucking groceries.

    Got word from the Winterhawks that the interview is really making them think that this is some good pr stuff.

    Thanks guys. The host was awesome but not too specific with his questions towards Wes. "Who is your favorite player?" And Wes was all, "as in all time or?" because he had a spiel to do as in all time fave, fave defensemen, fave from last year's memorial cup run. :)

    If you noticed the questions that were about emotional responses were met with logical answers. Like his response to how he felt about the return of the NHL. He instead went on to talk about how shocked he was to see a team blow out another team. :) We really didn't get into the Hockey "Savant" stuff.

    I didn't want to sound like a Poor Me Mom. That's how most autism stuff is schlepped out.

    As Wesley said if you listened, thanks for enjoying it :)

  4. Una mas:

    The host was incredible! Now Wesley has a bit more experience. This is a young man who really has a hard time even on the telephone. He has major speech delays and communication issues, but when he's talking hockey.... he's all in. There's much more to tap into. One more radio show to do on Friday.

    Jen, if you know of how a person can do audiobooks or voice stuff... or anyone. Toss me a link or something. Now Jen has me all thinking :)

    Icy roads here. The other day it looked like it was snowing but it was freezing fog that was falling down. Weird.

    ((((Jim and Andi)))))) Thanks for listening. My best friend said she started crying the moment she heard Wesley say, "hello".

  5. Maybe I could diary this? What say you all? That is if I have time this weekend. Many at the Froggy area have read about Wesley and Danni.

    Oh well... I've procrastinated jumping into the shower long enough.

  6. Going to be 16 here today, which is practically tropical by my standards. Working on the new book today, then playing pup sitter this evening for the lovely Miss Lola since her normal sitter is delivering a desk to Boston at the moment.

  7. Brrrrr, indeed! We dropped temps today. A whopping 12 when I got up and it's now up to 21. Kelly, I am so very glad I do not live near you. Don't think I could take the winters.

    Janet, re: audiobooks - check out - it's the indy arm of Audible and you can sign up to be a narrator there. The caveat is that you need to either find an audio producer yourself (e.g., someone to do the tech part) or you can do it (which requires knowledge of audio production, etc.). I've been doing my own audiobook recordings, but I do have a background in production (from college) so I had a bit of an advantage.

    Cheers & a lovely day to all!