Saturday, January 5, 2013

Going Out in Style

Sunset, December 16, 2012.

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  1. Hope everybody has a good weekend. Temps finally go above freezing today ... let the Great Melt Off begin.

  2. Morning, all!

    Cautious optimism about kitty remains. Yesterday, I came home from the mimes to find he'd used the box and there was no sign of liquid poops! The expensive grain-free foods plus prednisone seem to be working. ::fingers crossed::

    This weekend, I'm going to do very little more than be lazy. Fibro's flaring a bit, so I'm going to take it easy.

    Hooray for warmer temps!

  3. Lovely sunset. We seem to get those colors around here more often in the morning than in the evening but I appreciate them whenever they come around.

    Thank you all for the kind wishes.

    Beth, fwiw, Florida is engaging in some egregious false advertising with that whole Sunshine State nonsense. The true Sunshine State is actually Arizona, which of course calls itself by other names. ;)

    Hope you are all able to enjoy your weekend.

  4. Ah, Jen, NOW you tell me. :) The sun seems to have returned today, so I'll get out in it and soak up as much liquid Vitamin D as I can.

    Yay that Kit is hopefully better, Maria. Take care of yourself and have a restful weekend. I'll be working and watching football, not necessarily in that order.

    Waving to all who follow - have a glorious weekend!

  5. Hi, all. Here's to health for all of us (most especially Larry and Kit!) and sunshine in our lives.

    Have a good weekend.

  6. ((((((Jen)))))))) crap, I'm so sorry hon! The hardest part about being a caregiver is the responsibility of giving them end of life care as well. I love you.

    Sorry StrepFarf, no tongue action for you for some time. :) Get better.

    Got some more stuff "arranged" in the garage. AKA going through my Mom's stuff without any help from my lazy brother. Emotionally charged so just taking it slow. Yesterday I managed to stop before I became a complete mess. So yay me.

    Hockey game tonight. My team is on top, way on top. Still loving my new car. Black... it gets so dirty. I know I know...everyone told me. My little Doc Martin Boot car. :)

  7. I have a different name for Arizona but it's very, very naughty.

    Florida is the gunshine state.

    Ironically, both states are boycotted by all in my home.

    I miss orange juice.

    Puts hoodie back on.


  8. World Juniors Hockey is won by the USA!!!!

    Seth Jones of the Winterhawks is on that team. Ty Rattie was on the Canadian team and the only goal scored was by him. Canada did not place. Sweden and Russia did.

  9. Janet, if I can get some tongue action after this, I'll be happy! LOL As far as orange juice goes, why not get it from California?

    Today has been mostly a "lay around and try to hock up a lung" kind of day. I did get out & reload the wood rack, which involved six laps with the wheelbarrow, but Mason got to run around outside a little, too. That was the only exertion I've had for a week.

    Now to either try writing, or stare at the screen, until I get tired.

  10. Hope the kitty continues to rebound, Maria. And same for you, Larry. Happy rest of the weekend to all.

  11. As far as orange juice goes, why not get it from California?

    Bite that tongue, man, Florida orange juice is the ONLY ORANGE JUICE. ;p

    Fwiw, Janet, not all the citrus growers in Florida are Big Money conservatives. There are lots of small business farms, some are family owned, and some have been around for generations. All of them are better than those California oranges that taste like dirt, blegh. I've had oranges shipped up here from Nokomis Groves, they were amazing and now that I am thinking of it I am going to have to order more of them soon, and last I checked their family business was owned by a Democrat.

    Today is a writing & cooking day (pot roast simmered in onion, garlic and cabernet sauvignon; southern style green beans with bacon; and a big bowl of mashed potatoes; maybe some homemade rolls too if I get ambitious), which is usually my favorite kind of day. Still feeling super sad about Duckie, so I am going to write her into the novel I started for NaNo, which I liked enough that I'm still working on it. Slow but steady progress with the work, love my characters -- the demented old lady is my favorite, heh. Hopefully the story doesn't suck.

    Peaceful Sunday to you all.

  12. Jen, I love small farms, in fact it's why I work where I do. :) Cara Cara oranges from Calif are pretty good but have a short season. I'm just really fed up with the gun stuff. Speaking of which:

    Last night people were made to stand out in the cold while they waited for us all to be FRISKED to enter a hockey game. Home of the Free and the Brave? Yeah, right. Frisked. Where else will we be frisked? People want teachers to have guns now.

    So this angry old white man (typical) frisked me and he muttered something that I didn't quite hear. But I said, "another reason to stop the NRA; I'm being frisked before a hockey game." Then he went OFF. The NRA makes us safer. The NRA is about freedoms. The NRA would have saved all those kids at Clackamas. I started saying, "shut up, shut up". Then it escalated to me saying, "shut the fcku up" and "fkcu the NRA:. The ticket lady apologized and then the guy went after Wayne. Who told him he didn't want to hear his NRA speech. That "more guns aren't the answer".

    of course now I have all these things to say:

    Mr. NRA if you think weapons are the answer to our safety and freedom, then why are you frisking me for weapons?

    Mr. NRA, why do you speak of the NRA as if it was some elite force? Why do you think armed people are safer? Do you not realize that there are shootings at military bases? Do we need armed guards there too? Oh yea riiiight.

    I'm still mad. Frisked and by an NRA nut.

    Off to take Wesley on some movie date with his friends. They are gearing up for the Oscars which will have a Bond Tribute. Excited.