Friday, January 18, 2013

Frost Flower Friday

Spreading out frost flowers taken November 28 & 29, 2012.
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  1. Howdy all. Off to Cincy today to visit with Jim's mom.

    Glad the snow threat was overdone, Maria.

    I did use a flash, Larry, but used the fill flash setting to minimize the effect. Glad Crissy okay but kind of sorry not have that picture.

    I'd like to have a picture of 2-cat-lapped-Dina, too. :)

    Thanks, Kelly.

  2. ::head down, writing book:: Drive by hi and good wishes to everyone.

  3. Travel safely, andi! Thanks for the ever-cool frost flowers that I will someday see....

    Happy weekend, y'all! Do something fun! I plan to! :)

  4. Ooo, very nice! I love the one on top, it's almost like an "angel trumpet" lily.

    *sigh* Imagine a filthy border collie, paws all shoved through the pen, wild-eyed and panting, head wedged (it usually is, figuratively, with her) between the top of the pen and the fencing wired to the top of the pen.

    Go Jen go!

    Happy fun weekend, Beth!

    The snow gave us a miss. The rain quit and the wind picked up before the cold air came in, so the roads got blow-dried and it's not even icy on the pavement. Just the bridges.The temps are already inching up, so I'm off to the mimes.

  5. Oh, I love these! Great pictures, Andi.

    Everyone, have a great, great weekend.

  6. I want to see some frost flowers, I'd never heard of them till Andi started posting pics of them!

    The south of England has ground to a halt because we have snow - you'd probably laugh at it, but specially in our neck of the woods we're not used to it. The gulf stream keeps us mainly snow-free. Still, it won't last long, it rarely does.

    We had our 45th wedding anniversary on Sunday and celebrated by going to see Les Miserables which was OK once the very slooooooooooooow beginning was out of the way. Best reason to see it is Aaron Tveit, the leader of the revolutionaries!

    Stay safe all you travellers and snow-bound people and think of us with our teaspoonful of the stuff!