Friday, January 4, 2013

Frost Flower Friday

Exuberant Frost Flowers taken November 15 & 16, 2012.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Morning all. Looks like we might be slowly saying goodbye to all that snow -- getting above freezing today and warming up to the 40s by Tuesday. Guess I'll be saying hello to mud some time next week.

  2. Thank you all so much, your kindness means the world to me. {{Hugs the blog and tries not to get weepy snot on anyone}}

    Meanwhile, we still have what amounts to an industrial-sized extension cord running from our outside electric box, around the house, through the backyard, through the sideyard, and down to the utility box near the street. They bored the hole for the new power connection and ran the cord through but DP&L hasn't hooked it up yet so we have multiple electrical wires running through the yard and looped up at both ends, step lively y'all. May or may not have power throughout the day, WHEE.

    Hope everyone has a good Friday and heads into a nice weekend.

  3. Happy Friday!!

    Andi, love the top photo, looks like nature is knitting us the pretty. :)

    Jen, hope the power situation holds up!

    I'm @ the mimes today and hoping for a quick, productive day. My new (replacement) monitor for home is on the UPS truck for delivery. I'd updated my home computer as my 2008 iMac was starting to be a bit sluggish for what I ask of it. Bought a Mac Mini & monitor, but the display on the 1st monitor I got was crappy. Ended up sending that back and ordering one of the ridiculously expensive ones from the Apple store.

    Needless to say, this was done before I knew how much the vet bill was going to end up being. OUCH. Broke Maria is broke. It'll be a bit of a skint couple of months for me unless I get some royalty money in. Or, you know, get the 4th book recorded and turned in so I can get my stipend money.

    Larry, hope you are feeling better.

    Happy almost weekend, all.

  4. Jen, big hugs. You gave her a good life, and the dignity of not suffering. It still sucks, though.

    Hoping for a peaceful weekend for all. I'm looking forward to some sunshine after a couple of gray days, although it's not looking very promising. How could one need a Happy Light in Florida??

    TGIF, y'all!

  5. Hi, all. Jen, I hope your power situation is fixed soon. Andi, here's hoping the mud isn't too bad. Maria, ugh to vet bills but hopefully Kit is on the right track now. Beth, hope you get your sunshine.

    Quiet here which is good because I think I have a sinus infection. But a frost flower picture is ALWAYS the right medicine. Thanks, Andi.

  6. Aw, {{{Jen}}} - at least you know Duckie will be waiting for you. Hope your power gets fixed soon, that just doesn't sound like proper procedure to me. I think I'd have taken one look at that and asked, "non-union contractor?"

    Maria, hope you get some funds coming in soon (and the kitty is just having a foul bowel). I don't know what you're doing with your computer, but my 2007 MacBook is good for a few more years. SSD drives aren't cheap, but they cheaper than replacing the whole computer & holy crap what a performance boost.

    Waves & hugs for Beth, Dina, and those who come later…

    I officially have strep throat, and antibiotics to kill it. I swore off the decongestants, because they weren't letting me sleep. I felt like a rock getting skipped across a pond by a master skimmer — never got in very deep. Besides, it wasn't stopping the cough, which is the most annoying part of this so far. I'm miming at home, not sure if I'll go in come Monday or not. I got The Glove too (cue banjo music), which went OK but I'm scheduled for a full reaming. Yippee. I think I've discovered the worst thing about getting old.

    Hey, anyone want in on the blog tour? Just thought I'd ask…