Thursday, January 3, 2013

Found Color

Taken December 9 and 11, 2012.
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  1. Morning all.

    Happy New Year to you, Beth.

    Hope the meds help the kitty feel better soon, Maria.

    That was terrible of her, Janet, but nice of you to buy the man a coffee -- I hope it made him feel a little better about people.

  2. Janet, maybe the biddy learned a lesson about flapping her yap. Cool of you to get the guy a coffee.

    Hi Ho, hi Ho, off to the doc I go…

  3. Cautious optimism on the kitty. He seemed to be feeling friskier last night and this a.m.

    Hoping for a productive and drama-free mime day. :)

  4. Met another "biddy" last night. What is wrong with these people? Her claim was she was tired of people "going on and on about those kids who up and got themselves killed". American Attention Span Anger Syndrome?

    Yes, more people will die today from bathroom accidents, cars, cancer and who knows, maybe more people die by fcuking around with the toaster with a short. But 20 young children who simply went to school were massacred. There's a difference I think. There's something seriously wrong with this country.

    Hooray for Friday.

  5. PS, yes, it's Thursday, but my retail hell schedule insists it's Friday. :)

  6. Jen, unlinked and unmooredJanuary 3, 2013 at 5:46 PM

    Belated good wishes to you all for the New Year.

    I've been MIA because our little Duckie (one of Ruby's kittens) has been sick for about a month and she just wasn't getting better, then she took a sudden turn for the worse. We were in the ER with her on New Year's morning and she was diagnosed with a terminal, untreatable condition. We had to euthanize her today.

    Of course we are both emotional wrecks, she wasn't even 2 yet, but we gave her a great life from beginning to end. Plus which, she was able to live out all of her good days and she didn't have too many bad ones at the end, and it never got all the way bad, it just went from sucky to a nice shot of valium to the door of all the universe's mysteries opening up for our odd little cat named Duckie.

    Maria, I am so sorry to hear that Kit has been sick and I really hope it's the IBS instead of cancer/something more serious.

    Larry, well wishes to you too!

    Janet, mean people suck, and I'm sorry so many of them seem to love your store. Too bad you can't put up a sign: "We don't much care about your shirt or your shoes but if you have no conscience just go shop at Wal-Mart already and leave the decent people alone."

    Andi, it's been one helluva day and I am in desperate need of one of your classic there-theres and headpats if you have any to spare. I'll just be over here hugging my idea of you while I wait, thanks.

  7. Oh Jen, I am so sorry. All the there-there's and head pats I've got are all yours.

  8. Thanks, those are the best and so are you.

  9. I sent you an email too -- I figured I'd pat your head from all directions.

  10. Jen, aw. I'm sorry to hear about Duckie. Sending good thoughts to you both. :(

  11. Jen, I am so sorry. We've had to do that for our dogs too. There is nothing I can say that will lessen the pain and loss. It's the painful responsibility we accept when we accept the love of pets. Given what they give us, it's worth it. But it still hurts.