Monday, January 21, 2013

Eye Seeing Dogs

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  1. Have you ever considered doing a Where's Waldo type of thing with Sniff-in-the-woods pictures? Those games where you're just supposed to find hidden objects/images are pretty hot little moneymaking apps.

    Speaking of which, Jim, have you finished coding that Nature's Palette crayon app yet? We could use the proceeds to buy one of those Party-Funnebagos, rack some bikes to the back and tow a 4-wheeler along on a national tour of ALL THE PARKS.

  2. Love that snow picture, andi! And good ideas, Jen - both of them! :)

    Good football yesterday. I'll be watching the Super Bowl in Belize - or hopefully I'll be watching it. We're planning a Super Bowl party, so it would be weird to have the party and not watch the game...

    Off to Savannah for the first time tomorrow, to meet up with some Colorado friends. Should be fun! Looks like I'm sticking my feet back into those traveling shoes a wee bit this month.

    Y'all stay safe and warm out there!

  3. Morning! The left one, for me, is Dog Gone. I can't find him/her. The second one is pretty cool.

    I like Jen's idea. Both of them, actually. I could put the dirt tires back on my mountain bike.

    Coffee is nuked, Kindle is loaded up with news, phone with podcasts. I think I'm ready to start the week.

  4. Wesley will be on a local sports radio show here in Portland after the Winterhawks game. He's stoked and nervous. We talked last night as he's still worried about being asked questions about autism since Faux news and CNN crap after the CT shootings. We just said that he can talk about the positive aspects of his autism and how that helps him be a better hockey fan :)

    Going to be a LONG day. I'm in to work early so I can head over to the game while in progress to take him to another part of town. Hoping traffic will be down due to the holiday. Icy roads though.

    Picture kinda reminds me of the Kids in the Hall, I crush yer head. :)

  5. KPAM 860 with Ron Callan btween 6 and 7 pm.


    Friday it will be Hockey Talk on 750.

  6. Happy Inauguration & MLK Day!!! It's cold & snow flurries predicted later. I'm at the mimes today (we get to pick either MLK or Pres Day off as holiday. I chose the latter).

    Hoping to catch some of the ceremonies via TV or online in the conf room. V. quiet out in the traffic world though as many area streets/routes are closed to vehicle traffic.

  7. For those who need it: the solution for Where's Waldo/Sniff picture [LINK]

  8. Hi, all. Spent the morning fighting with my printer and lost. Sigh.

    Love the link to finding Sniff, Andi. Thanks.

    Happy MLK Day. And thank goodness we are not swearing in Mitt.

  9. Jen, I gave up programming long ago in a galaxy far away. But it would be cool.

    Beth, enjoy the Har-bowl while sipping on an umbrella adorned libation.

    Janet, please post a link to download Wes' 15 minutes of fame.

  10. I will when it it's posted to their archive which is about a week behind. I noticed that they are a right wing format. EXCEPT for the hockey/sports dudes. :)

    It went fantastic. Wesleyd did a great job! They even talked to me.