Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Always Something New to See

Taken December 22, 2012.

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  1. Morning everybody. Can't wait to see Jen's caption for this one. :)

  2. "Reids: You think they're just laying there all waterlogged and harmless like but then all of the sudden they're telling the whole country your Daddy would be ashamed of you for not releasing your tax returns and next thing you know you're pumping your own gas."

  3. LOL! Love the picture and the caption.

  4. Purty.

    Janet, Cabal and Lola are the main reason Neil and I got to be such good friends. We knew each other before, but we really got be friends because Lorraine was having trouble handling two big dogs at the farmer's market by herself—Lola needed to be socialized better. So Laura volunteered me to come ride herd on Lola. Then Cabal had a really bad couple of months and I volunteered to come sit with him from time to time so that Lorraine could get out and do other things—writing a novel on Neil's couch is as easy as it is on mine. Neil was in and out, but I was hanging out with the pups for snowshoeing and running all the time and visiting the kitties after, and pretty soon we found out that in addition to a shared interest in the animals and both being genre writers, we got along quite well as people too.