Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Monster for Larry

with a jutting Maw of Death, horns on its head, and grabbing arms ... maybe?

Taken January 5, 2013.
Click image to see larger version


  1. Morning. Hope everybody has a monstrously good weekend.

  2. My brain can't decide if that looks more like an ice monster or a kokopelli, but either way, it's FABULOUS.

    Also fabulous is this not-quite-entirely-safe-for-work video starring the Spirit of Stonewall.

    Wishing you all a fabulous weekend (even if it's likely a stone cold truth that none of us will ever be as fabulous as Ms. Spirit of Stonewall).

  3. I see Jack Frost's portrait in there!

    Either way it's total Ice Lava Flow! :)

    Radio gig went well. I have a few thank you letters to write for both stations. They were simply AMAZING with Wesley.

    You guys are amazing for peeking into our world and listening. Thank you!

    Tweet from the show: 750 The Game @750TheGame Special guests Wesley and Janet Aylward join @chadinportland to discuss his great internship with the Portland #Winterhawks.

    It starts at about 19:30. About ten minutes in length.

    And the "crew" got to get into the Auto Show for free as did we.

  4. Love this picture!

    I am finally sending this cold where it belongs. First day in a long time that I have felt half decent. Hope everyone else is hale and hearty and enjoying the weekend.

  5. This is awesome. I like the Kokopelli idea, although to me it looks somewhat demonic. What are they putting in that water, anyway?

    The entire day was wifed out, but tomorrow is mine. I should be in a better frame of to listen to Wes's interview by then… maybe I should dwell on how Accidental Sorcerers is steadily inching its way up the rankings. :)

  6. Morning all. Hope a good day is ahead for everyone.

  7. Finally a relaxing weekend. No hockey games being worked however there are tons of games on tv. No radio gigs for now. Our friends are posting James Bond trivia on a hockey site. :) (because the host and Wes got to chatting it up about 007) So Wes is feeling like he's ten feet tall. As he should.

    Farf, how do we get a book signed? Should I wait till next time you come to Portland or what?

    First Powell's book I bought was one by our own Nancy Pickard who I had known only as Kansas. I picked out a book Bum Steer and inside it she had signed it, "There really is a Kansas". Coinkydink? It's one of my treasures.

    I'm worried a bit about leaving the house. Our Sheriff has said he will not enforce any gun control laws. We've had idiots marching up the streets with guns showing. So many schools have had to be locked down. It's crazy. But the cops won't do a damn thing. Say it's freedom of speech to carry around these huge military type guns.

    But if I were to go outside naked.... I'd be arrested.

    Cops are only enforcing the laws they like? Time to fire them all. I HATE our police here. All except one but he's gay and doesn't beat up on the disabled.

    Serioulsy, due to the Gun Control rallies and marches going on, I'm sure there'll be some crazies with their guns out today. I need to do one errand so I don't get hit with it during my work week.

    I hate guns. Want a rifle, okay. But 47 military type looking guns?

    Why is it that in some states you have to buy alcohol from the govt but you can buy a damn gun anywhere? Close down the gun shows is a start. I'm just mad. Never thought I'd see my local schools closing because gun nuts can walk down the street with the Sheriff's blessing. No jaywalking citation??

    Anyone else who is as anti-gun as us been thinking about getting a gun to protect yourself from the gun nuts? I must admit, I've thought about it. The people who think they need 20 plus guns are not stable to begin with.

  8. Hey Janet, I've discovered Portlandia on Netflix and I keep thinking of you :)

    Speaking of Nancy, anybody know if she has a new book coming out any time soon?

    It's a dark rainy day here but I'm not complaining, we can use the moisture since most of the snow this year has missed us. I've cleaned out my pantry - wow, was that a job. Now I'm cleaning out cabinets and packing up stuff to give away.

  9. I'm not anti-gun, I have a few myself. If I have to, I can shoot back when the wingnuts come for us.

  10. I can be more dastardly than a gun. Infiltrate the wingnuts convention or whatever these teabaggers do and place some ipecad laced cupcakes in there and then tie up the puke weakened hogs and ship them to Somalia.

    More work, but much more satisfying.

  11. Mary, this is the REAL Portlandia...

    The ulitmate wedding proposal done Portland style :)