Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We Ponder Fog Dark and Light

Both taken November 8, 2012.
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  1. Morning all.

    Hope the meeting went well, Maria.

    A foot! Wow! Did you go x-country skiing, Kelly?

    We have a fog of dogs here all the time, Candis ... and generally without there being any actual fog. :)

    Larry, if there isn't a Foggy Dog drink, then I'll bet Janet can invent one for us.

  2. Slipped before me, eh Candis? Stayed up late or getting up early? The latter I hope.

  3. I'm enjoying Kelly's snow vicariously - the EXACT way I love snow. :)

    Busy days at the mimes, which in part is good because it makes the day go by faster. Hoping I can get Phil back on Friday. ::fingers crossed::

    I love the idea of a Foggy Dog drink!

  4. Kelly, one time I was stalked coming home from school but a sidewalk surfing walrus. At first, I tried to act like he wasn't there on the hopes that if I ignored him he'd just go away. Kinda like a global warming denialist. I started walking faster. The walrus slumped after me. His fat belly slapping the pavement. Galoomp Thwap Thwap. Galoomp Thwap Thwap. I could hear his tusks snapping at the air. I knew that if he got me I was a goner or that my Winter vacation would be a real drag if he snapped my leg off. He was closing down on my. I simply couldn't outrun him. So out of desperation I stopped and turned around and yelled with everything I had in my 70 pound body, "what do you want?!"

    He galoomped thwapped right up to me his fishy smelling feety fins just touching my muddy Keds. He seemed to be studying me or maybe he was just out of breath and then he said in a low growly voice, "I would like to know if I could have the other half the sandwich you didn't eat at school today. You see I'm rather hungry after trying to catch up to you and I can smell it. I'm sure it's my favorite - peanut butter and marionberry jam.

    The sandwich was pretty much smooshed up from my lunchbox hitting me in the butt as I had been running for some time in a state of fear and panic. We sat down on the curb outside of Mr. Bunlick"s Hardware store and shared the sandwich and a can of Libby's Libby's Libby's on the table table table peaches. I decided right then and there that he was going to live with me forever and ever. He was my best friend. His name was Sir Benjamin Royaljelly McFlabbygut. And he loved my PBJs and he loved me even more.

    So before you go running down the sidewalk screaming, "WALRUS!" stop and ask yourself if instead you could call him "friend".

  5. Hi, all. Love the fog, especially as I don't have to drive in it.

    Can't beat Janet's story so quietly retreating.

  6. Fog and walruses and pbjs, oh my! Drive-by hi to everyone from Busytown, USA.

  7. Can't decide WHICH I like best.

    Love the story Janet. :)

  8. One day, the Accidental Sorcerers (and their mentor) will take a trek to the Deep Forest, a few days north of Exidy. They will encounter scenery very much like that.

    Janet, that was a cute story! Mr. Bunlick's hardware? Marionberry jam? Oh my. It's soooo easy to get me started.

    Got the moolah to buy the wife's Xmas present. Now to sneak out of the house & get it…

  9. Larry, that would be cool. Didn't the Accidental Sorcerers begin with the ice dragon?

  10. Hey guys, in case you heard the horrific news of the shooting rampage here in Portland. I work at another mall and Washington Square mall is right by my house. Clackamas is a bit further.

    Was a long, horrible night. Just got home due to the traffic jams resulting in the panic.

    I love you all.

    Fcuk guns!